Christmas firecracker: A Salman vs Aamir Khan clash may explode

With close friend Aamir and ex-flame Katrina’s ‘Dhoom 3’ slated for December, news is Salman is now releasing his ‘Jai Ho’ 5 days after their on-screen action

The Bollywood grapevine is abuzz with the unthinkable: a Christmas box office Khan vs Khan clash that could forever divide lines in the Indian film industry.

The Khans in question are not the inimitable arch rivals, Salman and Shah Rukh, but rather the relatively controversy free (in comparison at least) Aamir and his magnum opus Yash Raj release, ‘Dhoom 3’.

What’s even more surprising is the clash in question is with his close friend Salman’s upcoming ‘Jai Ho’, which is produced by the superstar’s young brother Sohail Khan.

Industry sources are stating that Salman and Sohail have conferred in bringing forth the original date of ‘Jai Ho’, scheduled to release on the Indian Republic Day, January 26, and switch it to December.

Five days after the release of ‘Dhoom 3’.

The Yash Raj release is currently set to hit the marquee on December 20, with the seasonal holiday weekend, namely December 25, ripe for the picking should any filmmaker pick the weekend for its release.

Could this be Salman’s attempt at getting back at former flame Katrina Kaif who was splashed in the news for all the wrong reasons after she was snapped with beau Ranbir Kapoor earlier this summer in a bikini?

Or could this spell some turf war between Aamir and Salman that the world is not yet clued into?

Whatever the case, showcasers will indeed have a tough fight releasing enough screens to ‘Jai Ho’ within the first week of the release of the mega third part in the ‘Dhoom’ series, which also stars Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra.

Expectations from the franchise are very high, with the digital poster of the film already making waves over YouTube.

Plus, with perfection Aamir at the helm, audience can expect a thrill ride from start to finish.

But with Salman’s film hanging in the balance, the fan divide may head one way or the other.

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