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Deepika’s security concern

Padmavati is a film Deepika Padukone will never forget. Not just for the role and the controversies attached, but never before has Deepika been surrounded by so many security guards and policemen 24x7. Importantly, Deepika is unable to get a moment of privacy with friends and love ones because the policemen and her bodyguards are swarming around her. Obviously, fans are not at all allowed to come close to her now.

“There have been times when the policemen and her personal bodyguards have almost clashed with each other as they want to make sure that no one comes near Deepika when she is at public places like the airport. When Deepika went for a recent awards function, she had to enter from a different area and chose to enter and exit through the kitchen as the security would have hindered the event otherwise. Even when she has been hanging out with friends, the security cordon is around. Obviously, she is now disturbed by the security after having them around for over three weeks now,” says our source.

When Deepika went to London last week and returned, she was seen surrounded by around nine policemen and bodyguards in all who were keeping everyone at more than an arm’s distance. In fact, Deepika’s mother Ujjala who accompanied her was at ease as she walked uninterrupted.