'Dilwale' trailer launch: 7 confessions by Shah Rukh, Kajol [videos]


Hours post the release of 'Dilwale's' trailer across media platforms, the highly anticipated Bollywood film had already climbed the Twitter trends chart even in the UAE.

The 3.17 minute trailer finally shed light on the closely guarded plot of the upcoming Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol starrer, which sees the duo play star-crossed lovers, seperated for 15 years until fate finally brings them together once again.

Actor Varun Dhawan plays Shah Rukh's younger brother, while Kriti Sanon is his love interest.

In a media interaction following the trailer launch, Shah Rukh, Kajol and company shed more candid stories of 'Dilwale's shoot and containing director Rohit Shetty's penchant for blowing up cars with glee on a budget:

'I can make any story work'

So will 'Dilwale' set the cash registers ringing at the box office? 

Quiz Shah Rukh and he says: "Script reading, I don't do that. You give me whatever story and I will make it work."



He continues: "You choose a film you want to do in tandem with a director who is close to you. I don't make a film because it is cool. I wake up and want to do a certain kind of film, and if that year I am fortunate enough, I will get
such a film to do. That's how I pick my films and make them work."


SRK-Kajol romance, 22 years later

Six iconic films and 22 years of romancing on-screen Shah Rukh and Kajol spill the secret of keeping their love story relevant even today in their seventh outing. 

Says Shah Rukh: "We have never been in taken in by the myth of Shah Rukh and Kajol. We are normal friends and enjoy ourselves. We never take ourselves seriously. We are happy being together."

Kajol adds: "As far as Shah Rukh is concerned, he does what he thinks is right and I do what I think is right. That's why, when it comes together, it is so real."


Re-uniting two Bollywood icons

Director Rohit Shetty counts himself lucky that the notoriously picky Kajol opted to do the film. However, few know that it was Shah Rukh who in fact suggested her to be cast opposite him in 'Dilwale'.

Says Rohit: "I consider lucky Kajol said yes to the film and I got Shah Rukh as a producer. There was no strategy to bring them together. 'Chennai Express' had just released and I narrated the basic idea of this film to Shah Rukh.

"After we started writing the film, and I narrated the whole project to him again, he said: 'Why not Kajol?' That’s how we went to  her."

Shah Rukh adds: "It is always good to work with actors who better your work and Kajol is one of them. She is one of the few who tells me, 'I didn’t like this'; we listen to her as she's truthful, honest. She's not a trained technique actor. She listens to feelings."

Sequel to 'DDLJ'?

Putting rumours to rest about the upcoming December 18 release being a sequel to Shah Rukh and Kajol's 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge', which just completed 20 years, Shah Rukh categorically denied such was the case.

He said: "This is not a sequel to 'DDLJ'. If you’ve done it once, you don't keep doing it again. There is a misconception; it is not. I can't be more clear. I will not tolerate if anyone misinterprets it this time."

'Game of Thrones', Bieber, now Shah Rukh? 

By now, everyone knows the song 'Gerwa' was shot in the freezing cold of Iceland, with choreographer Farah Khan flying down specially for the shoot.

However, the song shoot appears to be more iconic than being just the only Bollywood film to be ever shot there.

Says Shah Rukh: "We filmed the song at Black Beach, Shadow Lake in Iceland where, incidentally, the 'Game of Thrones' climax was shot, along with 'Interstellar', and Justin Bieber's new video.

"Aside from this, we also filmed in Bulgaria, Mumbai, Goa and Hyderabad." 

Cars blowing up on a budget

Fans of Rohit Shetty films would be aware the director has a penchant of blowing up vehicles every few frames. 

Was Shah Rukh's Red Chillies Entertainment budgeting the blow ups?

Says Shah Rukh: "When we were showing the film to our distributors I kept saying the same thing over and over: I can't be stopped romancing women on screen and Rohit can't be stopped blowing up cars."


The actor continued: "Rohit has a vision that we are fortunate to be a part of, and if a production company can live up to his vision, then he goes far beyond than what he narrates. 

"I am not a creative producer, but when we see what he creates on screen, there can be no budget. Rohit himself says we don’t have to spend so much money. But we will still blow up the car."

Adds Kajol: "This is the reason why Shah Rukh and Varun are shown working in a garage in the film, modifying cars; all the more to blow up with."



'I am happy romancing young girls'



Bollywood is notorious for its on-screen May-December romances, with 'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo's' Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor being the latest example of a 50-year-old actor pairing up with a girl half his age.

Shah Rukh, who turned 50 earlier this month, says: "I don’t care young or old. No one talks about George Clooney romancing a younger girl or Clint Eastwood doing it. We in India keep talking about it.

"I am happy with it; the younger girls are happy with it. We should move beyond this instead of bracketing a film into the smallness of a 50 year old romancing a 19 year old.

"We are actors, we play what we are supposed to play."

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