Director's cut: Poonam Pandey better than Bipasha Basu

Director Amit Saxena of 'Nasha' is impressed with Poonam

Bollywood starlet Poonam Pandey has at least one loyal fan in director Amit Saxena.

The director of Bipasha Basu, John Abraham starrer 'Jism' is also working with Poonam in her Bollywood debut 'Nasha'.

Saxena is very impressed with Poonam's talent and her ability to emote before the camera. He believes Poonam has a natural talent when she faces the camera.

The director went on praising his muse saying she is a director's actor. "I think she is far more talented than Bipasha. The future looks very bright for Poonam in Bollywood," added Saxena.

Poonam revealed that she enjoyed shooting some of the bold scenes in ‘Nasha’.

Her dedication is evident with the fact that she was so busy shooting a bold sizzling scene in 'Nasha' and even the crew was completely focused on the particular scene that they failed to notice nine strange men sneaking into the shooting spot to catch a glimpse of Poonam.

However it was the starlet who had noticed these nine unidentified men and called her bodyguards to throw them out of the sets immediately.

Apart from the director, the crew members are also impressed with Poonam.

Well, we don't know if Poonam is more talent than Bipsha but we know she has the flare of creating sensation.

Poonam has always been hogging headlines stripping on Twitter under any pretense.

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