Bigg Boss 6 Final Countdown: 20 days to go... Niketan, Rajev argues, what's next?

Housemates lose amenities; Imam takes scary avataar

The day began with a bang and the housemates woke up filled with motivation and energy.

As breakfast was being prepared, Imam felt hungry. He found a little Christmas goodie and consumed most of it. Seeing this, all the housemates got irritated. Niketan told Imam that he should have been a little considerate and thought about the other contestants too.

Imam snapped back and tells him that there have been times when others have not been considerate about him.

Urvashi told everyone that they should boycott Imam which will get him back on track. Urvashi started imitating him and talked about how he portrays double standards in the house.

Imam put on some dark make up to portray that his anger and tried to scare each housemate.

Soon, Bigg Boss sent in the task – ‘Kya Dhoya Kya Paya’ and took away the basic amenities from house. They washed a particular amount of clothes in order to win the amenities back.

The entire house prepared to do the task and Imam went to apologize to Urvashi for the brawl he had with the housemates in the morning. Post this, he had an argument with Rajev after which he decided that he will now turn the tables and irritate the housemates on purpose while inspecting the task.

Soon he went out with the same motive when other contestants asked him to leave. He went into his room and slept.

While all the other housemates were doing their tasks, Niketan and Rajev had an argument. Rajev yelled, while Niketan walked away.

Since, the housemates did not have gas, the girls made a salad for the entire house.

As Imam had been ordered by Bigg Boss to stay out till the task ends, Delnaz came and called all for dinner but asked Imam to stay which irritated him. He asked Delnaz to stay away saying he would never want to talk to her.

As the day came to an end, Delnaz and Imam made peace with each other. As soon as Imam went away, Delnaz told Sana that she does not understand Imam.

Sana told her that Imam is a nice man but often misunderstood since he is too eccentric.


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