BIGG BOSS 6 Final Countdown: 28 days to go... What happens next?

Contestants asked to discuss nominations

Soon after Santosh Shukla left the house, Vishal Karwal, Imam Siddiqui and Aashka Goradia are seen sulking in three different corners of the house.

Karishma Kotak told Vishal that Sana might be his favorite, but she is a friend too and that the two can still talk. Sana Khan later spoke to him about Karishma but Vishal did not pay attention to her and walked away.

In the night, Bigg Boss informed the housemates about Urvashi Dholakia’s secret task and added that she was safe from evictions. The entire house congratulated her. Soon Rajev Paul and Niketan Madhok were seen making up with her.

As the day came to an end, Aashka was in tears while talking to Delnaz. she told Delnaz that Urvashi’s patch up with her was just a task and nothing else. She should not have made Delnaz and Urvashi patch up.

The next day began with a clash between Imam and the other housemates. As the housemates settled down, Bigg Boss announced a twist. For the very first time, Bigg Boss gave the housemates half an hour’s time to discuss nominations.

Soon, the housemates broke up into groups and discussed the nominations. Within half an hour, everyone settled down and Bigg Boss asked Delnaz to voice her nominations from the living area in front of everyone. All the other contestants were called into the confession room one after the other and soon Bigg Boss announced the results.

In the evening, Sapna and Karishma were seen talking to Rajev, when Sapna asked Rajev if he and Sana were back together as friends. Rajev replied saying that the two had not patched up yet. As the day passed, Sana and Rajev were seen resolving their differences.

Post the nomination results, Imam argued with Delnaz in the garden area over the nominations, his concern was that Delnaz nominated him for evictions even when he voted for her and made her the captain. Delnaz tried to explain, but Imam turned a deaf ear and continued ranting about it.

In the evening, the housemates werere given apuppet task, where a few of them were made the puppeteers. this group had to narrate the story of other housemates with the help of their co-contestants who were puppets. Imam and Delnaz narrated Sapna’s story in the house, while Sana and Aashka along with Niketan and Vishal narrated Delnaz and Rajev’s story.

The entire house is seen rolling with laughter post the task.



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