Farhan wants to party with Karan and Hrithik’s enemy

Farhan Akhtar wants to party with Kangna Ranaut. Well that is what the actor says about his clash this week about his film Lucknow Central with the Kangna Ranaut starrer Simran. Farhan incidentally is a close friend of both of Kangna’s enemies Hrithik Roshan and Karan Johar and his statement surely comes as a surprise.

Asked about the clash Farhan replies, “A film is basically the audiovisual of a story. And the heart of a film is always the story. So, if we have a good film it will do well. Everyone wants a solo release, but there are only limited weeks in a year when filmmakers can release their movies,” he says.

Having said that Farhan also is full of hope for not just his film but to his competition as well. “I am sure the team of Hansal Mehta, Kangana and Apurva (Asrani) have done a good job with Simran too. I wish their team all the best too. It is not that our screens are getting affected because of them or vice versa. I hope that both films do well and the audience likes both our films and we can actually have a joint celebration party for both films,” he says.

The weekend will surely reveal if any of these filmmakers can actually party alone or even together as Farhan hopes. We wonder what Hrithik and Karan will have to say about that though.