Fawad Khan talks Indian actors working in Pakistani films

Fawad Khan will next be seen in Karan Johar's 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil'. (Pic: FawadKhan/Facebook)

Fawad Khan, one of Pakistan's global talent and perhaps Bollywood's favourite import, feels that he would like Indian films releasing in Pakistan.

According to him what happened during the partition of the two nations should now over-shadow what they share culturally.

Punjabi films across the border have made its way to screens and sometimes through legal and illegal sharing in his country.

Fawad also points out that artists from India have worked in Pakistani film industry, "We have been working on films and have been actively looking for talent from the Indian film industry to work with in Pakistani movies."

The actor says he is doing as much as he can.

“And it is not just me. Filmmakers such as Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt, and actors such as Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah, have all been trying to work across the border. It will take some time, and hopefully, I will be one of the first ones," says Fawad Khan

Fawad is the reigning prince of Lollywood today as well as Bollywood.

Fawad's chocolate hero looks and the boy-next-door roles earned him a huge fan base in India.

The 'Kapoor and Sons' actor says that his Bollywood career was not a planned one. "Honestly, it just happened. It’s a privilege. As any professional, you go where your work takes you. I enjoy the process — the journey of getting exposed to different communities in different parts of the world,” says Khan

Fawad intially won hearts in the subcontinent (read Pakistam, Bangladesh and India) with tele-shows such as 'Dastaan', 'Humsafar' and 'Zindagi Gulzar Hai'.

When asked if he would ever work in Indian soap which are high on melodrama, he said such comparisons are unfair as, "Every industry has its own strengths and weaknesses, I would like to see a re-enactment or retelling of Alif Laila (a show based on tales from The Arabian Nights). These stories are native to us. I'd like to work on that kind of TV content. If something like that comes my way, I won’t ask questions," he says.