Actress Kangana Ranaut to turn director

Kangna Ranaut is very keen on becoming a full-fledged feature film director.

But, her six films in hand are preventing her from doing so.

The actress has started working on a short film the script of which was liked by an agency in the US and which she needs to finish.

When it comes to her feature film, the Gangster girl is very sure that she will not be featuring in the film as an actor.

"I am not going to act in the film, but I may well direct it next year. I just have six films to finish as an actor and that may perhaps be a deterrent in the time frame for me to direct it next year," says Ranaut.

The actress understands the pressure that any director will have while making a film, more so when she has other commitments to handle.

Kangana has already finished her first script for a feature film and is writing another one.

Kangana, has been refusing a few films as an actor as well which later went to Vidya Balan... films like 'The Dirty Picture' and 'Shootout At Wadala', both produced by Ekta Kapoor.

"It is a very nice coincidence," says the actress, not wishing to talk much about the replacement.

"I was told that the script was written with me in mind, and that is good enough for me," smiles the actress.

Kangana says that she is much more than just an actress.

“I am aware of my abilities as a multi-faceted person. I am not just an actress. I can be a good writer. I can be a good director. I can be a superb chef.

"And not many are aware that I could be a very good make-up person too. I am not like what people believe about themselves in India  - that every person is good at only one job,” says Ranaut, unmindful of what people would talk about her when she is discussing her abilities as a versatile persona.

Currently Kangana is busy wrapping up 'Krissh 2' with Hrithik Roshan and Vikas Bahl's 'Queens in Paris'.

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