Bollywood Buzz: Ajay Devgn to slow down...

Ajay Devgn cuts down on work

Ajay Devgn has started cutting down on work. The Bollywood star who was once the biggest cytion hero in Bollywood breaking his bones in real while breaking villains’ bones, had a multiuttude of releases in 2010 and all of them were successful.
But Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji in 2011 flopped and Ajay has Singham coming up next. “Golmaal 3 was a different movie and these two were also very different from each other. So I have three releases this year and next year I will have only 2. I am seriously looking down to cutting down on work in the future,” says Devgn whose Singham is being appreciated for the action.
“Singham is an outstanding action film and Rohit has really worked very hard on the movie. It shows that he has made the film with passion. He presents action in a way that people cannot imagine it to be,” he adds.
Ranbir's Rockstar postponed again
Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar has been plagued again. The film was to earlier release in the middle of 2011. But the film was then pushed to September because of various reasons.
And now we hear that the film will now release only in the month of November and that means that the film will come close to the release of Ra One which could be a tough ask for Ranbir as well, because the film being directed by Imtiaz Ali is not necessarily a hardcore commercial film if you see the film’s end.
The climax of the film which will be shot soon is said to be very moving, but may not necessarily move the box office.
Who let the Doga out?
Kunal Kapoor is a reluctant actor, or so it seems. The actor has not been in circulation for a long time and will now be seen only in Don 2.
The ones who saw the trailers of the film say that Kunal by not coming on screen has done himself a lot of good, because Don 2 will do him a lot of good.
We are not sure how a Shah Rukh Khan film will benefit another hero, but it did help Arjun Rampal in Om Shanti Om. 
In the meantime Kunal is also talking to Anurag Kashyap to do a film with him. Kunal was to work in an action film for Kashyap called Doga, for which the former also trained a lot, but the film never came out eventually.
But then Kashyap seems to be making amends for this and has offered a good project to Kunal.
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