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Jacqueline loves getting wet

Jacqueline Fernandez (AGENCIES) 
By Lipika Varma/Sanskriti Media and Entertainment Jacqueline Fernandez comes from Sri Lanka but this actress is in love with India, especially the rainy season makes her crazy. “I love monsoons but the population and pollution have deterred me from going out and enjoying the weather, it’s just boring. If I ever have to go out with my friends for a picnic then this is my favourite season to get wet and enjoy the lovely smell of the sand,” says Jac.
This actress also desires to do some catchy rain dance on screen. Jacqueline says, “I would enjoy doing a sizzling song in the rains or do a rainy item number. A romantic lovey-dovey song running around the trees with rain pouring down would be something great to perform.”
But while enjoying the season, Jacqueline takes complete care of her beauty and appearance. “We should wear bright colours during monsoons. I always shop for colourful raincoats or carry an umbrella. Also I always prefer wearing short dresses, something above the knees, so that my clothes don’t get wet and stick to my body. If I am still in Mumbai while the season lasts, I’ll make sure that I go with my friends for a long drive to enjoy the rains,” concludes Jacqueline.

Murder 3 on its way

Bipasha Basu, Mallika Sherawat and Jacqueline Fernandez.(AGENCIES) 
With the success of ‘Murder 2’, the Bhatts have already started planning for a third part in the series By Vivek Kar/Sanskriti Media and Entertainment The latest release by Vishesh Film, ‘Murder 2’ has amazed everyone with its shocking collection of 7 crore on its opening weekend.
This movie has gone way ahead of biggies like ‘Delhi Belly’ and ‘Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap’.
Tasting success after long, Mahesh Bhatt is on cloud nine. “The music of ‘Murder 2’ could not create much impact like its prequel ‘Murder’. So I was a bit worried. But after seeing the first day collections I am overjoyed. It is not short of a miracle, I have seen these figures in my dreams but now I am seeing them in real. I am stunned and all the credit goes to Mohit Suri and the entire cast. We gave them all the independence to work,” says Mahesh Bhatt.
The figures of ‘Murder 2’ have hit hard to Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan while the Bhatts are rejoicing with their project’s success. “Our film has made the biggest opening. Although ‘Ready’ has grossed more than us but their budget was ten times more than us. Ours was just 6.5 crores and including publicity and advertising it is around 13 crores. It has even beaten ‘Delhi Belly’ and ‘Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap.’ I am sure we are going to get around 26 to 27 weekends,” says the elated producer.
Having experienced the kind of achievement with ‘Murder 2’, Mahesh Bhatt has immediately started the process of making a third part, ‘Murder 3’. Director Mohit Suri is undoubtedly is excited. “As we saw the success of ‘Murder 2,’ Mahesh Bhatt told me to keep all my work aside and start working on ‘Murder 3’. This time the movie will be bolder as Mahesh plans to do something different. Once again Emraan Hashmi will be a part of ‘Murder 3,’ though this time we might bring in Bipasha Basu, Jacqueline Fernandez and Mallika Sherawat too,” says Suri.
‘Murder 2’ came as the much needed hit for Emraan after giving a flop like ‘Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji’. However, the Bhatts too were not doing too great with back to back flops like ‘Raaz 2’, ‘Crook’ and ‘Tum Mile’. We hope ‘Murder 2’ has marked beginning of success in the Bhatt camp.
Poonam Pandey loses out to Asin
Poonam Pandey (AGENCIES)
This model who shot to fame with her promise to strip, has rejected two movies, one of which was with Ashmit Patel By Vivek Kar/Sanskriti Media and Entertainment With only promises to make, Poonam Pandey found the sure shot way to garner attention. When we reminded her about the controversial statement she made, Poonam says, “I do remember my promise and I will strip soon in public. I am also ready to take my clothes off in a movie if the director or story demands so.”
However, her vow to strip doesn’t seem any close to reality but this statement has been getting her a lot of offers from Bollywood. This aspiring actress got the best offer to be a part of comedy flick ‘Housefull 2’. But unfortunately the opportunity slipped out of her hands as she was busy gathering attention from the media. “Sajid Khan came to me with the lead role in ‘Housefull 2’.
He set up a meeting where we would finalise everything. He came for the meeting at the decided time but I could not make it to the meeting nor could I answer his calls because I was in the middle of a very interesting interview. Sajid called me several times and waited for two hours. Finally he left and I lost my opportunity,” says Poonam. Though Sajid remained unavailable to confirm this claim of hers.
The said role is now played by Asin. However Poonam has little regret over losing out on the big chance. “I feel a bit bad about it but then I am not too desperate to do films. I have been getting lot many offers for movies and also for several reality shows.
I am treading safely as I don’t want to land up anywhere. I want to make my debut with a good and special project.
I want something big so that people notice my work. I have rejected many shows and some big movies as the roles were quite small and not interesting,” says pricey Poonam. Her rejected list includes a movie with ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Ashmit Patel.
Not a big personality but then she too is not a top-notch actress. But still with the intact attitude, this Kingfisher Calendar girl says, “There were two films which offered good roles.
But then I refused them because one of them had Ashmit Patel as the co-star. I didn’t want to do them because of the co-actors’ dark past. I don’t want to work with people who don’t have any respect for women or the society. I am very selective about working with people which is why I refused.”
Poonam was last seen as a participant on the season 4 of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi – Tochar’. We hope now Poonam does not promise to give her best performance in movies, we are expecting none.
Dia prepares for Mr Right?
Dia Mirza (AFP)
Single and ready to mingle, Dia Mirza shares her plans for marriage, from the best groom to the best outfit By Vivek Kar/Sanskriti Media and Entertainment Dia Mirza makes it to the list of the most beautiful women in Bollywood who are single. But as far as her profession is concerned, this actress has got married several times, only onscreen. “Being into movies we need to enact marriage scenes many times.
Like in my first movie ‘Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein’ I get married to Madhavan. It really feels good to do such scenes or any bridal photo shoot. At times I wonder that when it will be time for my marriage, will I be able to spend so much time on a photo shoot?
And my answer is ‘yes’. Wedding is a girl’s dream, she wants to feel the best and look the best on her special day,” says Dia.
Marriage is indeed always special for any girl and she has always weaved dreams about the same since long.
Sharing her thoughts Dia says, “I have never thought of having a particular type of marriage and right now I am not even planning anything. I would love to get married in Hyderabad because it is my birthplace. But then you never know where life takes you because these decisions are made by the elders of the family.”
No wedding plans, but this actress surely has some outfit in mind. Known for her amazing dressing sense, Dia wishes to differ from the usual trousseaus. “When I see the heavy outfits worn by the brides I really wonder how they stand for six hours for the reception with so much of weight. I have made a conscious decision for my wedding that I would love to wear an awesome saree which is not too heavy. Jewellery should be good but again not too heavy that I get drowned. I want to feel comfortable in my outfits on my wedding day,” says Dia.
Leaving the materialistic part aside, what about Mr Right for this princess? Speaking about her perfect life partner Dia says, “My ideal husband should have similar values like me, a similar goal and a permanent platform where both of us can strive together. He should also respect the family, which is very important. After all this I shall consider personality and charm.
But as I said that the most important thing is having similar values. What counts for me are the values and strength, whereas money and stature are temporary. I should be comfortable with him.” We immediately quiz if the lady has any Nawab in mind. “No Nawabs! They are too laid back,” quips Dia.
Now that so many preparations are in place, we hope to see Dia married off soon to the man of her dreams.


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