Bollywood Khans and Kapoors who created hype, hoopla and... doom

Players, Jokers, Dangerous Ishq, Agent Vinod and Aiyaa have made it on our list of 'Bollywood Disasters of 2012'

Bollywood had its share of hits and misses this year. While on the one hand small films sprung a few surprises at the box office, there were films that gave a few shocks, too.

These ‘shockers’ had the same formulae – hype, hoopla, glamourous stars, branded productions houses, renowned directors, famous lyricists, graceful choreographers, et al. some even had foreign packages. But they failed to ring in cash and worse still stay in masses memory.
Here is our list of flops that deserve the honour of a mention…
At No. 5:
 Is the Rani Mukerji starrer film – Aiyyaa. The film had Rani Mukerji in an aggressive and a very loud role. Giving her company was the superstar from Malayalam movie industry – Prithviraj. Rani Mukerji played a Maharashtrian girl and did the promotions of the movie in the same get up as well.
Rani had shouldered the entire burden of the promotions of this Anurag Kashyap produced film herself. But the film had a very average business at the box office. The movie which was made at a budget of Rs 16.2 crore (Dh11million) managed only Rs 16 crore at the box office.


At No.4:

Is Saif Ali Khan’s spy thriller Agent Vinod. The film directed by Shriram Raghavan was a dream project for Saif and the actor along with his leading lady Kareena Kapoor promoted the film rather well. But Agent Vinod failed in his mission at the box office. The film made at a budget of Rs 60 crore collected Rs 55 crore only which meant a loss of Rs 5 crores.
The same was the fate with Ram Gopal Varma’s film Department. This Ram Gopal Varma film was pretty heavy on star faces, but the box office figures were a tad too disappointing. The film made at a budget of Rs 20 crore managed only Rs 15.25 crore at the box office. And the film also opened to very poor reviews.
At No.3:
Is the Karisma Kapoor comeback film Dangerous Ishq. The 3D horror movie from Vikram Bhatt promoted as Lolo’s comeback venture was highly touted as the movie that would return her into the reckoning. The film made at a decent budget of Rs 20 crore managed to eke out only Rs 4.8 crores at the box office which was way below everyone’s expectations.
At No. 2:
Is Shirish Kunder’s film Joker. This Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha starrer film was budgeted at Rs 44 crore and the film managed only Rs 22 crores at the box office apart from being a retinal disaster.
At No.1:
The biggest disaster of the year – Players. This is something Abbas and Mustan had already tried with Akshay Kumar years ago. But for some strange reason they did a bad job of remaking the Italian heist and they could not pull off a winner unlike the actors of the film. The Rs60 crore movie managed to make just Rs 40 crores and ended up being the biggest loser.
Here’s hoping that the coming year will not have to face such big disasters.


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