Bollywood loses the plot: Shah Rukh, Salman lead hero-to-zero brigade

Biggest names of India’s film world are increasingly being accused of unforgivable behaviour. Why?

The ordinary man is involved in action, the hero acts.” American author Henry Miller might have quoted this in a different context all together.

But, its seems like our B-Town heroes have taken it upon themselves to rewrite the very meaning of this age-old quote.

The screen’s quintessential ‘angry young man’ is no more relegated to the expanse of 70mm, but has found its way into the star’s real life too.

Expressing emotions, be it love, hate or anger seems to be the ‘in thing’ these days.

And we have too many instances that could be a testament to the fact.

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s spat with MCA during this year’s Indian Premiere League, or perhaps his brawl with director Shirish Kunder, a while ago.

His angry reaction at a paparazzo on being clicked with Priyanka Chopra when she came out of his office at 3 am during the IIFA rehearsals, was also unwarranted.

Not to forget a few stray instances in the past where these stars have turned Hulk. One of the constant in the latter’s case has been the famous tiff between once best friends now enemies, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

Of course, the fact that Salman has had his own little history of abusing adds credence to the phenomena.

The star is known to rough up people, including reporters. Recently, reports also suggested that Salman had hit Katrina Kaif while shooting for their upcoming film ‘Ek Tha Tiger’.

So what really eggs these reputable names to bring out the the worst in the themselves?

Psyched out

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Varkha Chulani says, “More often, temper is the result of fatigue.

“Inspite of all the glamour, they have a tough lifestyle, and hectic schedules.

“Moreover, as stars they expect to be treated in a special way, and when they aren’t treated in that manner, it hurts their egos.

“Because they are stars, if they’re not given extra-ordinary, special treatment, they cannot tolerate.

“Like the SRK-MCA case, Shah Rukh wasn’t given special treatment. Or even in case of the Saif Ali Khan hotel brawl, this probably leads to some aggression.”

Humans or stars?

Though, Varkha Chulani adds that it is normal behaviour.

“As humans, all of us go through a rough patch where our emotions go out of control.

Celebrities and stars aren’t super humans. But unfortunately, because of their stardom, we put them on a high pedestal.

“And then obviously when they do something, it gets highlighted and becomes big. But it’s unfair.

“It’s important that we treat them as humans first, and understand that it’s normal, they are bound to lose control sometimes. But then people must react sensibly and not treat the stars like Gods, but humans who are bound to make mistakes.”

And while these ‘violent’ incidents have been in bad taste, mostly because of the aggravated representation in media and others, they have also opened a platform for people and other celebrities express their opinions.

Some time ago, director Kunal Kohli expressed on a social networking site, “It's unfair to tilt opinions against anyone just because he's a star.”

Jewellery designer Farah Ali Khan opines: “Celebrities are often targeted when they are out in public and usually in the company of their woman. Have been witness to one such incident years ago.”

During an event sometime ago, Salman Khan had given in statement in defence of stars. He said, “There is no specific reason to get into all of this. But at the end of the day it is us actors who are blamed, the ones who always create history with such things.”

Let the fan decide

Well, the stars might defend themselves, but eventually, what matters is the opinion of the real king – the (wo)man on the street.

Artist manager Mangalam Maloo says, “Celebrities do have a certain responsibility to carry themselves in a dignified manner considering the fact that they're public figures.

“However, we tend to forget that they're humans too and it is important to know the reason behind the act.

“If it's because of a regular non-issue, then the celebrity is notorious and he should behave. But if it's a genuine issue, then the celebrity should be sympathised with.

“But nevertheless, they should have a patience band, at least 10 times higher than the normal public.
That's what'll set them apart.”

Ujwala Shinde, an architect, seconds the opinion and feels that even stars should have the liberty to get carried away by emotions at times. But not all take too generously to such incidents and see it as another clever publicity gimmick for their film.

Business analyst, Nisarg Acharya says, “Most times, it’s just a promotional gimmick. Like it’s said in the entertainment industry, ‘Any news is good news’.”

Psychologist Varkha Chulani also opines that stars must not be pretentious.

“Because they have achieved some significance, they always try and pretend to be normal and calm all the time, thus controlling their emotions.

This leads to an outburst beyond a point of time. Hence it’s only better to not pretend and be themselves in order to avoid the bubble burst all together.”

At the end of the day, celebs do have to pay the price for being famous, and for being a public figure.

As they say, in the world of cinema, there are no free punches… or is that lunches?!


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