Bollywood review: Emraan Hashmi's peekaboo in 'Mr X' is pretty lame

After lip-locking (almost) every pretty face on-screen, Emraan Hashmi returns to the big screen to seal the deal with yet another kiss, but this time, under water!

And, that about sums up his latest Bollywood adventure.

The fact that he plays peekaboo after consuming a blue drink from a test-tube slips in as an afterthought. Blame it on tacky visual effects, or a convoluted science theory that never quite adds up.

Added to that, there’s an exasperated girl, who flares her petite nostrils, flashes her leather boots and constantly distracts us from her lover Mr X’s rather insipid revenge saga.

Director Vikram Bhatt begins the show by edging us to call his new hero “Mr X” in a tune that’s not even pleasing to the ear. Looking back, that was a clear indicator on how his story would unfold.

But, we are thick-skinned, so we stay on, as a strange love story unfolds between a cop, who is secretly in love with his leather jacket, and his pencil-thin co-worker, who also loves dressing like she’s always ready to party.

Their romance is cut short, when a top politician is assassinated.

The cop suddenly disappears, and his lady turns his biggest enemy.

Cut to, a strange blue liquid that makes Raghu invincible, and a police squad that’s called ATD, and a bizarre tale of truth and justice unfolds.

Emraan Hashmi grins and hides his utter shock at being handed his career’s most obscure and inane role, while Amyra Dastur struggles to step into the skin of a character that shrieks and glares without much conviction.

The shocker of them all was how Bhatt reduces funnyman Thanmay into a silly geekboy Popo.

With pretty much nothing going for Mr X, we can safely urge you to protect your mind from this idiotic mess. However, we weren’t as fortunate.

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