Bollywood review: ‘Warning’ - just skip Anubhav Sinha’s movie

It’s a tale of survival that Anubhav Sinha pitches in his production ‘Warning’.

A bunch of fairly unknown names (in the movie industry) get together and splash around in the sea to fight this battle for survival.

The adventure – a rip-off of Hollywood thriller ‘Open Sea 2’ –would’ve worked if the actors exercised a little bit of their acting talent instead of flaunting their perfectly chiselled bodies.

The movie begins with a plump guy reminiscing about his school days. He contacts his school buddies through a social networking site and gets them to join him on a sea adventure.

Soon, the gang of five reunites at Tanveer Singh’s (Santosh Barmola) yacht in Fiji.

It’s a strictly school affair, barring for Sabrina’s (Manjari Phadnis) husband and baby daughter on board, and Tanveer’s hot girlfriend.

During the celebrations, the guys decide to swim in the ocean.

It’s all fun, until they discover that one of them forget to lower the ladder, which is the only way to get back on the yacht.

Soon unfolds the struggle to get back to safety.

But director Gurmeet Singh is unable to pack enough thrills to keep us hooked on till the end.

While the first-half is still tolerable, it’s the second-half that proves the real test. If you are able to pack in enough pop-corn and nachos during the interval, then surviving the second half should be achievable.

The 3D format only adds to the misery. Towards the latter half, our eyes begin to glaze and it even makes us nauseous!

The over-the-top drama and predictable end, the movie is just a lazy rehash of a Hollywood thriller.
If you do insist on going to the cinemas, then picking another movie might promise you a ‘happy ending’.

So, take a cue from the title of the movie, and stay away from this one!

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