Bollywood stars question Dhoni's morals

Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, right, is hugged by his wife Sakshi after his team's win over Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League final cricket match in Chennai, India. (AP)

Dhoni endorsing an alcohol brand that Sachin Tendulkar has rejected has not gone down well with Bollywood.

“If Dhoni has endorsed any alcohol brand then they are his morals and values that may have enabled him to do so. I do not know these cricketers personally. But yes, our youth who get inspired by icons from the Bollywood and cricket domain needs to be changed. They need not get carried away just by watching these ads as they may not prove beneficial to them,” says actor Jackie Shroff.

Singer Sukhwinder Singh is very critical. “Celebs are role models for a common man. I personally won’t endorse cigarettes or any such thing because they are harmful. Question is not whether we do it in our personal life or not. Rather it is about making an impression on young minds that follow us celebs as example,” he says.

Sonu Sood replies in a veiled tone. “I am not personally against Dhoni if he has endorsed the brand. It is indeed his personal choice. Yes, I do agree that icons’ youth followers do get influenced by them. The youth of today needs to evaluate for themselves what is good and what is bad,” he says.

“Endorsing such products by the icons should not necessarily be followed by the youth. They need to use their mind too, I suppose. If you ask me, personally I have no hassles associating myself to any good brand,” says Abhay Deol, partly supporting Dhoni.


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