Has Shilpa Shetty beaten Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in flab-to-fit race?

Judging by the images that are surfacing in various media houses, it does appear that Shilpa has got back her pre-pregnancy figure

While there’s no debating that it’s only natural to pile on the pounds during pregnancy, the media is obsessed about how fast celeb mommies shed their post-pregnancy weight gain.

Although Hollywood mommies are far more anal about slipping back into their skinny jeans months after delivering their babies, their Bollywood counterparts are far more laidback in their pursuits.

But, they do eventually work back their hot bods.

The two actresses who were recently pitched against each other in the battle of the bulges, post their pregnancy, was Shilpa Shetty and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

While the two had initially stepped in to support each other and happily embraced their new curves, it is clear that they are no longer on the same page.

Evidently, Shilpa has raced to the finish line to win the yummy-mummy title, leaving behind a still chubby Ash.

And, that’s not discounting the fact that both have shed considerable amount of weight over the first year since the birth of their child.

But it is Shilpa who has remarkably shed the 18kgs she gained during her pregnancy, to slip back into figure-hugging dresses that she flaunted on the set of telly dance realtiy show 'Nach Baliye'.

She even credits her new bod to a strict diet and a disciplined fitness regime.

Earlier, when the media had criticized them for their weight gain, Shilpa had stepped in to support Ash.

“Currently, losing weight is not a priority,” Shilpa Shetty announced to the Indian media. “Wearing loose clothes is one way to camouflage fat and look good.”

But, now that she has won back a hot bod, and left Ash to hide her bulges under flowing fabrics, we wonder if this will prompt the green-eyed beauty to slim down fast.


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