'Heroine' to be censored for Dubai release

Bollywood's upcoming flick "Heroine" has been censored for the Dubai release after the film came under fire for its "Dubai" dialogue.

Quoting Director Madhur Bhandarkar, reports from India say that the film has been censored for Dubai and cleared by the censor board. "We did not mean to demean anyone, Dubai is my personal favourite city. The trailer we showed in Dubai was already censored and I`ll sit down with the producer and see what needs to be done," said Bhandarkar.

The "Heroine" scene unfolds to say: “If an actress buys a new car, it signifies a rich businessman has purchased it for her; if she buys a diamond, it means she’s engaged. If it’s a hospital visit, then it has to be an abortion; if it’s a trip to Los Angeles, then it’s plastic surgery. And God forbid if she goes to Dubai, then it simply means she sports a rate card.”

Several residents here are outraged by the significance of such a statement, with Kruti Narayan, a 15-year resident of Dubai stating: “It is downright disgusting for an actress of such repute to lend her presence to such a misconstrued statement.

“What are the filmmakers trying to imply, that women who live here sell themselves to the highest bidders?”

The award-winning director also hinted at changing the promo prior to its release on September 21 in Dubai.

Bollywood’s quintessential actress Kareena Kapoor is all geared to give Dubai a taste of her star power as she arrives on September 3 to promote her film ‘Heroine’. Arriving with director Madhur Bhandarkar, the duo plans to make stops at a unique press conference as well as a mall and an afterparty.

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