Katrina faces Aussie challenge in Dhoom 3

Tabrett Bethell may be cast opposite Uday Chopra

If Aishwarya Rai and Esha Deol had to face the super sexy, touch police officer Bipasha Basu in the previous 'Dhoom' pre-quels, Katrina Kaif will not escape the competition.

Tabrett Bethell will be the other leading lady in the forthcoming 'Dhoom 3'.

Ms Bethell is an Australian actress and ex-cheerleader for National Rugby League (NRL).

Yash Raj Films have signed her who might be cast opposite Udya Chopra. The film also features Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan along with Katrina and Uday.

"Please welcome the lovely Tabrett Bethell who joining the cast of Dhoom 3 today (sic)," Uday tweeted recently to confirm Tabrett's inclusion in the cast.

She is already arrived in Chicago where the film's entire unit is currently shooting.

The buzz about 'Dhoom 3' having a foreign actress has been doing the rounds since before the film was officially announced.

It was also reported that producer Aditya Chopra went through many names of foreign actresses to cast the leading lady but settled down with Katrina.

Tabrett will play a blonde living in the US and sparks fly when she meets Uday's character, Ali.

Right now, Aamir, Abhishek, Uday and Katrina have been shooting at prominent locations in Chicago.

The Dhoom series romanticizes the villain and makes a hero out of a thief.

After John Abraham in 'Dhoom' and Hrithik Roshan in 'Dhoom 2', Aamir takes over as the central bad boy character of a super thief. Aamir has already shot for some daring stunt sequences in the famous Chinatown area of Chicago.

Tabrett raised to stardom with the TV series 'Legend Of The Seeker' and then starred in the thriller, 'The Clinic'.


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