Pakistan's Paris Hilton in Bollywood

Mathira gunning for a role opposite Neil Nitin Mukesh

Pakistani chat show host, Mathira is currently in Mumbai and is confident of bagging a role in an upcoming romantic comedy starring Neil Nitin Mukesh and helmed by debutant Prerna Wadhawan.

Mathira known as the Paris Hilton of Pakistan is all set to become the latest Bollywood import from across the border.

Though she is confident, she weighs her chances at 50/50.

She is in conversation with others filmmakers too and will be in the city until next week.
There are rumours of her appearing in a reality show.

According to reports, Mathira is a diehard fan of Hema Malini and Madhuri Dixit.

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Bollywood’s star power is luring many Pakistani actresses to give up on their flourishing careers in Pakistan and move base to India.
Over the years Mumbai film industry saw many aspiring actors come from different corners of India to get a foot-hold in Bollywood.

Bollywood is seeing a bevy of beautiful Pakistani actresses charming their way into cinemas and television.
In the latest influx Mehreen Saeed, Muskan Khan, Sayeeda Imtiyaz joins the ever increasing list of names. To this list we might have to add Mathira's name as well.

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