Salman can never have double standards: Asin

Ready is set to release in cinema halls on June 3. (SUPPLIED)

Having entered Bollywood with a blockbuster like ‘Ghajini’, Asin had almost disappeared after this bang on act and had only managed a flop like ‘London Dreams’ in the gap. With ‘Ready’ being her third film in Bollywood, Asin does not mind the slow pace at which her career is moving.

“I wanted to be a part of the Hindi film industry with dignity. There was sure a long gap between ‘Ghajini’ and ‘Ready’ but it happened due to some date hiccups. Presently I am working at my own pace and don’t want to be a part of the rat race. I need to work at my comfort level. I am a secured actor and don’t believe in competing unnecessarily. I am satisfied with the way my career is shaping up. I believe that actor has their own share of work which will surely come to them given time,” says the confident actress.

Asin is still trying to gain a foothold in Bollywood, but despite this fact she is a very choosy actress. Only after considering a lot of elements does this she agree upon doing a film. Speaking about it she says, “I always look into a lot of factors while signing a film. I believe that the story line has to be intriguing; the script has to be excellent. Apart from that the actors, the director and even the banner should be good. I feel everything is important while signing a movie merely because now-a-days the audiences are looking for good films.

And as an actor we need to consider all the criteria that are a part of film making. I also decide on the movie, keeping in view the scope of it and lastly I believe in giving my best performance.” And that is quite a list of demands coming from Asin, no wonder she has only worked with the best of Bollywood, the Khans.

Presently she is all set to dazzle the silver screen with her performance opposite Salman Khan in ‘Ready’. Praising the actors she says, “Earlier too I have worked with Salman in ‘London Dreams’ and now I am doing the film ‘Ready’ with him. Working with him I have noticed that he is a very straight forward kind of a person. Salman can never play double standards. He will never express something on face and pretend to be something else. Whatever he feels from within the heart it is depicted on his face too. If he does not like something he will not act as if he likes it. His face is like a mirror; he can never put on a mask. Also Salman is a very helpful person by nature.”

Asin feels that she is not a part of any camp in Bollywood and simply works for personal satisfaction. “Undoubtedly I gel well with all actors of my age group. While working with senior stars I have a feeling of respect and adulation for them and it becomes a little difficult for me to cross the bar. I have worked with big stars in South and even in Bollywood. If at all I have repeatedly done films with the same actors or banners then it situational and I don’t belong to any camp in Bollywood. I don’t think I belong to any camps as such, it is the platform which is important for me,” says the actress.

Coming from down South, Asin has adjusted herself well in the fast paced city of Mumbai. Expressing her love for the city she says, “I love Mumbai for it is a cosmopolitan city. And especially our film industry is situated here with people from all the parts of the country working together with all love and respect. Mumbai also grabs all the latest trends very simply. More over filmdom is one of the best places for us to exist. Whenever I get free I love to go on a long drive and eat all the lovely food stuffs here. I love to eat fried prawns and eggs and also relish idli and dosa’s in the different joints depending on the area I am in.”

This actress has so caught up with the lifestyle of the city that she hardly takes time to even dress-up. “I get ready in just 45 minutes if I have to face the cameras while. But otherwise I am ready in no time. I love to wear comfortable dresses for which I just need to put them on and I am ready to go,” says the actress. Having reached a certain point in professional satisfaction, Asin is happy with her life. “In life I seek happiness and truth-fullness. I am always ready to face all struggles that come our way in a normal life. I do not ask much from life as


I feel I have got everything even at this juncture. Working in Southern films and in Hindi films is my professional satisfaction at the moment,” concludes Asin.


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