The Buzz: Cameron Diaz named Star of the Year

Cameron Diaz named Star of the Year
Cameron Diaz (BANG Showbiz)
Cameron Diaz has been named the Female Star of the Year by CinemaCon.
The 'Green Hornet' actress will pick up the prize at Ceasers Palace in Las Vegas on March 30 and CinemaCon chief Mitch Neuhauser claimed she was an "unparalleled" screen star.
He said in a statement: "Since making her debut on the big screen in 'The Mask', Cameron Diaz has continued to capture the attention of audiences around the world with her inescapable charm, innate comedic timing, and unparalleled screen presence.
"From the outrageously comedic 'There's Something About Mary', to the action packed 'Charlie's Angels', and the critically acclaimed 'Being John Malkovich', Diaz has proven to audiences that she can take on any role and we are thrilled to be able to present such a remarkable actress with the CinemaCon Female Star of the Year Award."
Other stars to receive awards at the event include Dame Helen Mirren for Career Achievement and Russell Brand for Comedy Star of the Year.
CinemaCon – which brings together all the world’s major movie chains - runs from March 28 to 31, and features exclusive debuts of new films as well as premiere screenings and star appearances.
Tiesto looking to sign new artists
Tiesto (BANG Showbiz)
Tiesto is looking for "developing artists" for his new label.
The dance music legend - voted the world's number one DJ three times consecutively by DJ magazine and Best DJ of All Time by Mixmag- has recently branched out into his own record label, 'Musical Freedom', and is hoping to start "fresh" and sign new artists.
He said: "I wanted a fresh new series to reflect my new style which has been evolving in the clubs for the past few years. It feels great to launch my own series on my new label.
"I want to be able to sign artists and release music that as a fan I would listen to. Musical Freedom allows me to do this and hopefully help out some new and exciting developing artists along the way."
The superstar DJ's first release on the label is his own mix, 'Club Life - Volume One Las Vegas', which features tracks by Kaskade, Diplo, Hardwell, Marcel Woods and Tiesto himself. 
'Club Life - Volume One Las Vegas' is released in April, while Tiesto's club life world tour is presently underway.
Nate Dogg' s funeral date set
Nate Dogg (BANG Showbiz)
Nate Dogg's funeral is set to take place on Saturday (26.03.11).
The 'Regulate' singer's sister, Pamela Hale-Burns, confirmed he will be laid to rest in Long Beach, California.
Nate - real name Nathaniel Dwayne Hale - passed away aged 41 from complications arising from strokes he had suffered in 2007 and 2008 last Tuesday (15.02.11).
There will be a service open to the public at Long Beach Airport before the service is held, and the next day (27.03.11) there will be a memorial benefit for the singer at the Los Angeles Convention Center, hosted by DJ Quik, which will also be a public event.  
Meanwhile, another of Nate's closest friends, Warren G - who collaborated with him on his biggest hit 'Regulate'in 1994 - has called his death a "crushing blow".
Speaking of hearing Nate's death, he said: "We had got the word from his family on what was going on, and it was just a crushing blow for us."
"Just from going to see him and lifting his spirits up when he was in therapy, and stuff like that, it's just crazy for that to happen. And I still don't believe it, you know what I'm saying?"
Simon Cowell 'fascinated' by LA Reid
Simon Cowell (BANG Showbiz)
Simon Cowell asked L.A. Reid to be a US 'X Factor' judge because he is "fascinating".  
The music mogul insists he isn't just looking for celebrity names to sit on the panel of his new show in order to attract viewers because he believes it is important to strike the right "balance" for the programme and its contestants.  
He said: "I've known the guy a long time, and every time I was in his company, I always found him fascinating and interesting, and I just liked spending time with him because he's very knowledgeable, and he just has a lot of charisma and I think America will find him interesting.  
"So I was never a fan of thinking, 'I need to hire celebrities to bring in an audience,' I wanted to put together a group of people who as a whole, people would want to watch, week after week."  
Simon also admitted he believes having the music producer - who has helped launch the careers of the likes of Rihanna, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Pink and Mariah Carey - on the panel will boost the chances of a non-mainstream artist winning the show.  
He said in an interview with The Huffington Post: "When LA was running his labels in the US, he had to deal with a lot of different types of music. He's very open minded, he's got great, broad taste."  
Among the stars linked with seats on the judging panel have been Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Nicki Minaj and Cheryl Cole and while Simon wouldn't confirm who else will be offered a job, he admits he has met with most of the names who have been linked to the role - and that it is his own company who have been leaking the information.  
Asked who has been interested in joining the show, he said: "Mostly the names that are out there. The media have got it because our company leaks any information - if we meet anybody, the whole world knows about it. But I don't have a problem with that." 
Kiefer worries about Sheen  
Kiefer Sutherland (BANG Showbiz)
Kiefer Sutherland thinks Charlie Sheen will "land on his feet".  
The former '24' star - who starred with the troubled actor in 'The Three Musketeers' and 'Young Guns' - admits he is worried about his friend's recent erratic behaviour and sympathises with Charlie's father Martin Sheen, who was recently quizzed on his son's troubles.
Kiefer - who has a 23-year-old daughter Sarah from his marriage to Camelia Kath - said: "A British interviewer asked him, 'I'm sorry to bother you about this, it must be a difficult time with everything your son is going through, how do you feel?' He as a father said, 'You have to love more.' And as a father, that really touched me. And so with regards to Charlie, I mean he's one of those cats that always seem to land on his feet and I wish him the best.
"I care a lot about him. And obviously, like a lot of people you get worried, but it's not something I know a whole lot about."
Despite his comments, Kiefer, 44, claimed he didn't know much about Charlie's recent antics - including being fired from 'Two and a Half Men' following a tirade against the programme's creator Chuck Lorre, losing custody of his two-year-old twin sons Bob and Max and moving two girlfriends into his home - because he doesn't have a computer. 
Speaking on US TV show 'The View', he said: "I haven't watched a whole lot of it. I'm the last person I know without a computer and I'm not into all of that stuff yet. I know Charlie as a really funny, talented, loyal, fiercely loyal guy. And clearly people are concerned about him and worried about him."
Avril Lavigne would wed again  
Avril Lavigne (BANG Showbiz)
Avril Lavigne would marry again.
The 'What the Hell' hitmaker - who split from rocker Deryck Whibley in July 2010 after four years of marriage - insists her previous experience hasn't put her off tying the knot again one day on the future.
Asked if she would consider marrying again, Avril - who is now dating reality TV star Brody Jenner - said: "It's all about love and I make that my number one priority. One day I would hope to have kids and do that whole thing. Right now I'm very focused on my career, my album, my tour and naturally when that happens for me next, yeah I'll go for it."  
The 26-year-old singer feels "grateful" to still have a good relationship with Deryck, 31, and was happy to work with him on her new album 'Goodbye Lullaby'.
She told US TV talk show host Chelsea Handler: "We're not doing each other but yes, we're friends. I really respect him as a person and as an artist so it's all good."
Avril recently admitted she speaks to Deryck "all the time" and is grateful she can always rely on him for support.
She said: "Deryck is very inspiring to me. He's so talented, and I really look up to him. I call him all the time, like, 'Yo, I've got a music question. Help me.' He has such a kind heart and he's so smart. We're there for each o
Katie Price taking it slow with Leandro
Katie Price and Leandro Penna (BANG Showbiz)
Katie Price is "seeing how it goes" with new man in her life Leandro Penna.  
The 32-year-old star had planned to stay single following her separation from second husband Alex Reid but she admits she likes the hunky Argentinean model but is determined to take things slowly with him.  
She said in an interview on British station Radio 5 Live: "We're just getting to know each other, in fact I wanted to be single after Alex, but I ended up meeting Leo, but we're just getting to know each other now."  
The former glamour model - who has two children, Junior, five, and Princess Tiaamii, three, with her first husband Peter Andre and has an eight-year-old son Harvey from a previous relationship - has also revealed she is sad at the demise of her marriage to Alex but is "happy" with her life currently.  
Asked about scenes of her rowing with the cage fighter on her new reality TV show 'Katie', she said: "It is what it is. What can I say, it's on film. I can't deny it, it is what it is. It showed a lot of the breakdown of our relationship.  
"It's sad what happened. Obviously we both had issues with each other that couldn't be resolved. So it is what it is.  
"That's my life. You only live once. There's no rule book. I'm happy. I think my life's really fun. I'm a happy girl."  
Katie also now finds herself questioning her almost four-year marriage to Peter was heavily media-influenced.  
She added to UK daytime TV show 'This Morning': "I think, 'Oh my god was it really a relationship?' It was all cameras and photo shoots. It's wrong to have a relationship based on that."  
Keira Knightley loves 'masculine' fragrances
Keira Knightley (BANG Showbiz)
Keira Knightley prefers "masculine" perfumes.
The 'Atonement' actress is the face of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle perfume and admitted before she tried it she only wore men's fragrances because she hates sweet scents.
She explained: "Before Coco Mademoiselle I wore men's fragrances. I didn't want something light and flowery - I'm not that kind of girl.
"It's the first perfume I tried and thought, 'Yes, that fits.' It's the mixture of strength and subtlety. It doesn't overpower but it makes you feel you can stand up straight and that's important to me.
"One of the things I love about it is that although it's extremely feminine, it gives me this feeling of power."
Keira also revealed she loved the beige catsuit she wears in the new commercial for the brand, which is directed by Joe Wright admitting it made her feel like "superwoman".
She told The Daily Record newspaper: "All I knew before I saw it was that it was a beige catsuit. I didn't have any details. I discovered it in Karl Lagerfeld's offices once it was done and when I put it on, I immediately felt like I was slipping into a second skin. I felt like superwoman."
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