Trekkies in a tizzy as ‎'Star Trek' cast fly into Dubai


Trekkies around Dubai take note as Star Trek's celebrity packed cast arrives in the emirate to commence shooting for the latest in the installment franchise.

While screaming fans managed to get in selfies with Chris Pine and Idris Elba outside Burj Al Arab, the producers revealed the franchise will be here for over two weeks as it wraps up the final shoot.

Producer Jeffery Chernov ‎refused to divulge the locales the film will be shooting at in Dubai, but revealed that nearly 600 people will be used in background shots with a local casting call that has over 225 from the emirate for two to three days of shoot.

Idris Elba, who is rumoured to play the master villain in 'Star Trek Beyond,' stated he couldn't confirm or deny if his addition to the star cast takes an evil turn.

"Well, I've signed a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with the filmmakers so ‎I'm unable to confirm if I indeed am playing a villain," he said. "However, if it were up to me, then I'd certainly prefer playing the villain.

"I think writers flush out villains all the more in a script."

The latest installment is slated to release in July 2016, as 'Star Trek' celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Simon Pegg, who is starring and co-writing the film, said it was added pressure to ensure they were loyal to the fans who've been with the franchise through the decades.

"When we took on this project, we knew we had to embrace the old and the new and somehow marry the traditional with the future," said Pegg.

Fans who may miss out on catching the stars in Dubai, which includes Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto and Anton Yelchin, are in for a treat as the makers have revealed the franchise will have some sort of presence at the Dubai International Film Festival.

Maybe a few more celebrity appearances?

For Trekkie fans, this is their moment to ‘Live long and prosper.’



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