UAE plays host to ‘Crazy World’ music video by rising star DD Foxx

Rising star DD Foxx launched the music video of her latest single ‘Crazy World’ also featuring famous Emirati singer Abdulla Bil Kheir, which was shot exclusively in Ras Al Khaimah. ‘Crazy World’ music video, which was unveiled in Dubai, is now up on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and Anghami.
‘Crazy World’ is a bilingual anthem that dissects a troubled world and evinces the ardent desire to make it right. The song talks of a better future without war, poverty, hunger, destruction or hate. It aims to broadcast its message of hope from the land of peace – the UAE.
The lyrics call for unity, with fervent hope for a better tomorrow. “Every breath we take, will lead to another day. Every move we make, we hope for a brighter day,” sings Foxx.
“My new single is my attempt at coping with the feeling of agony led by the events happening around us. It’s also an appeal that we should not give up. And it’s only fitting that this song be shot in the UAE, which really is a beacon of peace and modern thought in the Middle East,” says Foxx.

The UAE has of late seen a spate of songs and movies being shot at its picturesque locations. The latest Star Wars instalment “The Force Awakens” was shot in the Abu Dhabi desert, while ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’, Jackie Chan’s ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ and ‘Star Trek Beyond’ have all pitched its tales against Dubai’s urban background.  
The UAE music scene is exploding as well. “I can see that there is massive growth in the popularity of Arabic music worldwide, and Emirati musicians are doing very well. The UAE is becoming recognised as a hub of musical talent for classically trained singers as well as more contemporary performers. I am a huge supporter of talent, and I’m very pleased to be able to collaborate with exciting new performers like DD Foxx. It’s important that people realise just how vibrant the music scene in the UAE is,” says Bil Kheir.
Singer-songwriter DD Foxx melds the genres of Pop, Dance, R&B, Rap and Funk with a Middle Eastern flavour. DD Foxx has recently been ranked number 3 in the Urban and Pop genre of the top 20 best-selling albums by UAE artists in the past 10 years for her debut record ‘Had To Be Me’, released through Virgin Megastores.
“I am very excited about ‘Crazy World’ and really believe that it will resonate massively with a lot of people. It’s also an honour to collaborate with an artist, the calibre of Abdullah Bil Kheir,” concludes Foxx.