Will Akshay's 'OMG' go the 'Raaz3' way in UAE?

National Media Council objected to witchcraft and some adult content in ‘Raaz3’

With Vikram Bhatt’s horror thriller ‘Raaz 3’ still “under review” in the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait, industry insiders are concerned if a similar fate awaits Akshay Kumar’s next release ‘OMG! Oh My God’.

While the National Media Council has reportedly objected to the showcasing of witchcraft and some adult content in ‘Raaz3’, Akshay’s new movie could be axed in the UAE cinemas for content as well.

“We still haven’t seen the film, so we can’t comment on it,” confirmed an official from NMC.

“It might take another 2-3 days before we can watch it and review it.”

The actor plays god, who returns to earth to teach an irreligious businessman, enacted by Paresh Rawal, about being god-fearing.

Directed by Umesh Shukla, the movie, which is an adaptation of a Gujarati play titled ‘Kanji Virrudh Kanji’, also stars yesteryear actor Mithun Chakraborty in a lead role.

The movie, with the tagline ‘Kanjibhai is taking god to court’, is scheduled for September 27 release.

Way back in 2008, the Salman Khan-Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘God Tussi Great Ho’ was also banned because of similar content. In the movie, a blatant lift-off of the 2003 Hollywood hit ‘Truman Show’, showcased Bachchan as god, trying to reform a man named Arun Prajapati, who blamed god for all his problems.

“It was ordered by the National Media Council in the UAE to take it off the big screens as it violated Islamic teachings,” reported an entertainment magazine, way back in 2008.

“The NMC had received many complaints from the viewers, after which it was pulled off.”

The movie was even banned in Kuwait by their information ministry.

While updating about the status of ‘Raaz3’, Juma Obaid Al Leem, director of the Media Content Tracking Department at the Council, explained that the movie was still “under review”.

“We had asked the distributors to bring another copy, but they have not done it. So, until they bring it, we can’t do anything,” he added.


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