Fukushima Red Exclusion Zone: The haunting truth

The abandoned towns of Fukushima have been revealed five years after the nuclear disaster forced mass evacuations of the Japanese towns, freezing it in time.

Among the locations Keow explored was an empty store with of DVDs dating back to 2011, reminders of the 150,000 people were forced to leave Futaba, Fukushim.

Inside a supermarket filled with merchandise dating back to 2011 in Okuma, Fukushima.

Abandoned clothes are still sitting in washing machines, five years on from the evacuation.

A ransacked supermarket.

Keow Wee Loong and two friends visited the evacuated towns of Tomioka, Okuma, Namie and Futaba wearing a gas mark and no other protective clothing.

Magazines from the day residents were forced to flee Okuma, Fukushima.

Keow explored various shops where valuables such as gold were left untouched since the disaster in 2011. This photo was taken in Namie, Fukushima.

The urban explorers wear masks as they look through abandoned houses untouched since the disaster in 2011.

Keow said traffic lights were still working but there were no cars on the roads — a detail he found disturbing.

A city frozen in time. Pics: Getty Images