'Game of Thrones' role saved actress from drugs, prostitution

The 27-year-old had no professional training when she first joined 'Game of Thrones' in 2012. (Instagram)

A wannabe actress who earned her living as a prostitute before finding fame on 'Game of Thrones' says her life was saved by the hit TV show.

27-year-old, Josephine Gillan, had no professional training when she first joined the show in 2012 and is now pursuing acting full-time thanks to her career making role.

Before she was cast in the smash hit fantasy series, she was starring in adult films and working as a prostitute, using a pseudonym.

She first applied for her part because it required women "who didn’t mind being filmed naked" and she soon landed the role of Marei.

Josephine Gillan plays courtesan Marei in the popular fantasy drama series.


She was earlier addicted to cocaine and for buying it she used to "sell her body three or four times a week", according to a Daily Mail report.

Ms Gillan says her life of drugs, prostitution and adult films was 'saved' by the show, reports The Sun newspaper.

She says she used her understanding of the sordid world to deliver an impressive performance.

She continued to tell a horrifying story about how, as a child, she was groomed by a family friend, who gave her weed and alcohol when she was 12 and got her hooked on cocaine by 14.