Gauri Khan, designer, producer - not just Shah Rukh's trophy wife


Gauri Khan has come a long way from being a wife of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and a mother of three – Aryan, Suhana and AbRam.

An entrepreneur, a designer and a producer - Mrs Khan is not just a trophy wife.

We caught up with the lady who is a star attraction in several events and is now more open to media.

"I wasn't doing any work earlier. There was no point me coming out and talking about my husband or my children. It is not that I am media shy. I am definitely not. I do not believe in talking anything about my personal life or my family. I would strictly like to keep that private. I get to speak about my work and passion which I find extremely exciting," says the stunner.

Apart from working with brands she endorses, designing residential complexes, she also has designed the interiors of a hotel lobby for Planet Hollywood in Goa.


"It came across as a great opportunity for me and the design is completely original. I did not pick up things from here and there, but put in my own creativity on that one," says Gauri.

A perfectionist to the core she says: "I am someone who wants things right. I see that things are clean and fine. But then even I live in a large home and it is difficult to maintain it unless you have a large staff. I do pick up issues with various things in places that I design, because the design is not just important. The services and the administration also needs to be good. There are times when I fail, but I am constantly trying to give my best."


Gauri has started a 'Design Cell' at a Mumbai location called Raghuvanshi Mills and even Karan Johar had taken to twitter once to express his awe. "Gauri Khan's The Design Cell at Raghuvanshi Mills, Mumbai is by far one of the best interior stores I have ever been to," read his post.

"Shah Rukh was very keen that I start off on my own and that is how Design Cell was born," she smiles.

Having said that, Gauri does not imply that spending on luxury implies that spending towards everything. "One should look at how the environment is also impacted. The designs should not be cluttered," she says.


Gauri takes no credit for Shah Rukh's success - "He works very hard. I do support him a lot, but then he is responsible for where he had reached today," she says in adulation.

Shah Rukh has been immensely successful with back to back super-hits, but when he has lost cricket matches at the IPL, that's when she has seen a disturbed side of him.


"He does bring it with him home. He's upset when our cricket team (Kolkata Knight Riders) loses a match (at the IPL). He shuts himself in his room and sits quietly for hours. But that doesn't always happen, but it does once in a while because he is very passionate about the game and I have to deal with that," she says.

And finally Gauri loves to cook, but then, "I enjoy eating much more," she smiles.

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