George Clooney ill in Italy

George Clooney has been taken ill with food poisoning in Italy.

'The Descendants' star and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler were sick after eating something bad at a restaurant in Cernobbio, near to where George has a home, earlier this week.

Stacy tweeted: "Finally had a bad meal in Italy, our whole dinner party got food poisoning ‪#ohwell‬ at least I'm still in Italy."

The food poisoning wasn't bad enough for George, Stacy or any of their party to go to hospital.

The owner of the restaurant which was thought to have served the questionable food denied to website TMZ it cold have been his doing, and said they must have become sick elsewhere.

George and Stacy are holidaying at his house on Lake Como in Northern Italy, and are joined on their trip by his dog, black cocker spaniel mix Einstein, who was treated to a day's pampering at a local pet grooming centre.

While there, Einstein reportedly got the works: a bath, a haircut and even a massage. Einstein has also joined his owner on the boating lake, as well as enjoying the Mediterranean weather.

George bought the villa in the town of Laglio for a reported £10million in 2002. However, he became upset with being photographed when he was there and put it up for sale in 2010. A bidding war ensued, in which David Beckham was rumoured to be involved, but eventually George changed his mind and took it back off the market.

At the time Mayor Roberto Pozzi, said: "It would be a shame if George went. He has become one of the locals.

If George does leave I hope the Beckhams buy the place as it will keep a touch of glamour in Laglio."

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