Geri Halliwell won't diet

Geri Halliwell (AGENCY)

Geri Halliwell "doesn't believe" in diets.

The former Spice Girls singer - who has designed a range of swimwear for high street retailer Next - has seen her weight fluctuate over the years but insists she is finally comfortable with herself.

She said: "I don't follow strict diets because I don't believe in them.

"I've yo-yoed like everyone else, but I finally feel comfortable with the way I am. I designed my new bikinis to appeal to every woman, whether they're a size 8 or 16."

Geri - who has a four-year-old daughter Bluebell Madonna from a previous relationship - recently claimed the way her shape has fluctuated has made her understand women's bodies more.

Speaking about her swimwear line, she said: "I've been all sorts of shapes and sizes to I know the importance of flattering shapes and styles.

"There are a lot of big-busted women who want to look sexy, not frumpy, so I looked at the structure of cups that could lift boobs but still feel comfortable.

"For a great bust line, the contour at the top edge of a bikini has to be just right. And for those who need a little help, I've also designed some bikini tops with padding."

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