Gunman at Salman press meet

Salman Khan (AFP)

Who was he? Where did he come from, for what and finally where did the man disappear? But Salman Khan showed ignorance when at a recent press conference in Nagpur, a mysterious man in possession with a gun was found near the venue. Putting up a poker face this ‘Dabangg’ man says, “I had no idea about the incident when I was at the press conference. But later when I reached the airport I heard the news that a man was found with a gun. I do not know when this happened because once I start walking I don’t turn back or see left or right. I just walk straight and see the step ahead.”

Shying away from controversy, Salman requested the media to ignore the incident. “I am not bothered about it at all; these are minor things so I request the media not to give it any attention. That person might be anyone, a security man or a cop in civil uniform,” says Salman. We wonder if this was just another one of those speculative incidents or the start of promotions for Salman’s next flick, ‘Bodyguard’.

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