Hollywood Gossip: Big Sean + Ariana Grande split over 'immaturity'; Taylor Swift: Dating isn't 'easy'

Big Sean split from Ariana Grande because she was "immature", a source has claimed.


The 'Dark Sky Paradise' hitmaker reportedly ended his relationship with the 'Love Me Harder' singer because he felt she was selfish.

Sources claim the pair's relationship went through a rocky patch in February when the 21-year-old star failed to show for Sean's big performance at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, gossip website TMZ reports.

Insiders also say that Sean travelled to see Ariana "10 times more" than she did for him and they claimed that the singer once asked him to spend a five-figure sum on hiring a private jet.

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The 27-year-old rapper also reportedly believes the on-stage closeness between Ariana and 'Baby' hitmaker Justin Bieber - which took place after the pair supposedly split - was done solely to "hurt him".

The news the pair had parted ways was confirmed on Monday; a joint statement from the star's representatives read: "They both deeply care for each other and remain close friends.

"We kindly ask that the media respect their wish for privacy regarding this personal matter at this time."

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A source has previously claimed the former couple's globetrotting careers were to blame for the separation.

They said: "They made the decision to part ways because their conflicting touring schedules would keep them apart over the next year."

Taylor Swift: Dating isn't 'easy'

Taylor Swift says she doesn't find it "easy" having a boyfriend and has admitted she feels publicly "humiliated" if her relationships fail.


The 'Shake It Off' hitmaker - who has previously dated Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer - has admitted she finds her busy schedule can get in the way of her love life.

She said: "There is no easy way for me to engage with romance. I'm really busy, so I can't.

"And it's a good thing that I feel really independent and I feel that my friends are all I need."

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The 25-year-old singer also admitted that she feels as though she is publicly "humiliated" when her relationships fail.

She added to the June issue of Glamour magazine: "It's kind of a sad way I got there though, being shamed into it.

"What else is it when you have two boyfriends in one year and everyone's calling you boy crazy, making jokes about you at awards shows? That's public humiliation. And I don't think its fair."

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Meanwhile, Taylor is rumoured to be romancing Calvin Harris and the 31-year-old DJ is said to be "really taken" by the star.

A source said previously: "It's refreshing for Calvin to be with someone who isn't trying to get something from him, who isn't just using him because he's well known.

"Taylor is not what he expected. She's down to earth and not affected by fame whatsoever. He's really taken with her, and everything about it."

Mila Kunis chicken stealer?; Beyoncé banned... 

Tina Knowles banned Beyoncé from performing at her recent wedding to Richard Lawson, as she didn't want her daughter to have "to work."


Tina Knowles, who tied the knot with 'Poltergeist' actor Richard Lawson on a yacht in Newport Beach, California last week, admits she didn't want the 'Pretty Hurts' hitmaker and rapper husband Jay Z "to work" on her special day.

She said: "We didn't want them to work. We wanted them to enjoy the day and not have the pressure of it."

But the couple's three-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, was involved in the festivities, as she was Tina's only flower girl.

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The 61-year-old stylist was thrilled to have her famous family, including her other daughter Solange Knowles, around her and the wedding "couldn't have been more perfect."

She told PEOPLE magazine: "To walk down the aisle and see all my friends and family and to see my handsome man standing there, and to know that at 61 you can still find love and have a magical day like that ... it was really beautiful."

Tina didn't think she would ever find love again after she and ex-husband Matthew Knowles got divorced in 2011.

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She explained: "There was a time when I doubted if I would find love again. But I was determined to be happy."

Tina and Richard, 68, started dating 18 months ago, but knew within four months that they wanted to spend their rest of their lives together, as they have been friends for three decades.

She added: "You can find love at any age. You just have to go for it."

Mila Kunis accused of chicken theft

A former friend of Mila Kunis has filed a lawsuit against the actress, in which she claims the star stole her childhood pet chicken.

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Kristina Karo has filed a lawsuit against her former pal - who she claims she was "inseparable" from during their first year at school in the Ukraine - in which she claims the 'Black Swan' actress was responsible for the disappearance of her beloved pet Doggie.

According to TMZ, Kristina claims in her lawsuit she loved the chicken like a dog, as did Mila, who would come to her house to play with the fowl.

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And when he suddenly disappeared, the woman claims her now-famous friend confessed to stealing him and told her: "Kristina, you can have any other chicken as a pet, you have a whole chicken farm."

Kristina claims the loss of Doggie caused her to become an "emotional wreck" who needed therapy and, when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a singing career, the close proximity to the 'Jupiter Ascending' star brought back the bad memories of losing her chicken and she needed further treatment.

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Kristina - who claims Mila's conduct has prevented her from pursuing the American dream - is seeking $5,000 to cover her therapy costs and as compensation for her emotional distress.

Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus heartbroken

Paris Hilton is grieving the loss of her 14-year-old teacup Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, who died from old age.


The 34-year-old star is "so sad and devastated" that her beloved 14-year-old teacup Chihuahua - which she reportedly purchased in 2002 after seeing a similar dog in 'Legally Blonde' - has passed away.

The blonde beauty revealed the sad news by posting a photograph and tribute to the late pooch on Instagram on Tuesday (21.04.15), writing: "My heart is broken I am so sad & devastated. After 14 amazing years together my baby Tinkerbell has passed away of old age. I feel like I've lost a member of my family. She was such a special and incredible soul. We went through so much together. I can't believe she's gone. I will miss her and think about her for the rest of my life. I love you Tinky, you are a Legend & will never be forgotten (sic)."


The former reality TV star also shared another image of herself clutching Tinkerbell, with the caption: "In honor & memory of Tinkerbell I'm dedicating my Instagram page to her today. I hope you enjoy the memories of my sweet angel We've been through so much together. She lived a long, beautiful, luxurious and exciting life. #RIPTinkerbell (sic)"

The DJ was devastated when Tinkerbell was stolen by burglars in 2004, but the dog mysteriously reappeared shortly after she offered a $5,000 reward.


Paris previously revealed she owns a total of 35 animals, including six other dogs.

Miley Cyrus splits from Patrick Schwarzenegger

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger have ended their romance after six months of dating as sources claim they are "in two different places" in their lives.


The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker - who is thought to have been dating Patrick, 21, since October last year - has called time on her relationship with the USC student for good.

A source confirmed: "It's not a break. It's done."

While Miley, 22, has been spending time in the studio in recent weeks, Patrick was spotted partying at the Coachella music festival and it appears the couple's differing priorities were behind the split.


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The insider added to PEOPLE: "They're just in two different places in their lives - he's in college and she's focused on her music and career."

It is thought the pair had been going through a rough patch after Patrick was spotted cosying up to another woman while on holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, last month.

The blonde beauty is even reported to have warned her boyfriend not to do anything "silly" as he partied at Coachella, in Indio, California, last week.

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The actor is said to have invited the 'We Can't Stop' singer with him to the music festival but Miley claimed she wasn't "interested" in attending the event alongside him.

A source said: "Patrick asked Miley if she wanted to come with him, but she said she wasn't interested. She's putting her trust in him not to do anything silly or compromising while he's there having a good time with his bros.

"He realised what predicament he got himself into in Cabo, and now knows he's got to be smarter about being in a high-profile relationship."

Stick, twist or bust: Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez

Nick Cannon still considers Mariah Carey to be the "love of my life" despite the pair having split last year after six years of marriage.

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The former couple - who have three-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan, together - split up last year after six years of marriage but the 34-year-old star isn't ready to call time on the pair's relationship for good just yet.

He said: "It's one of those things, I'm a hopeless romantic too. Through this learning process, you never say never.

"To me one thing I know, that will always be the love of my life, always be my family and that's never going to change."

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Nick also admitted he is fed up of people "perpetuating negativity" and has insisted there is no bad feelings between the pair.

Speaking on The Meredith Vieira Show, he said: "It's extremely disappointing when you see that people just want to perpetuate negativity when there is no negativity even involved.

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"You kind of get to that place where, I've always been the most open and honest person but I understand kind of playing it close to the chest because when you start to feed into it and there are so many false items and people just want to speculate then you don't want to say anything at all.

"That's one thing I actually admire Mariah because she is professional. You ain't going to get nothing out of her. I was like you know what, I'm learning. I'm learning."

Ariana Grande and Big Sean split

Ariana Grande and Big Sean have called it quits on their relationship after eight months together but will remain "close friends".

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The 'Almost Is Never Enough' singer and the 27-year-old rapper have called it quits on their relationship but say they will remain "close friends".

Confirming the news in a joint statement, their representatives said: "They both deeply care for each other and remain close friends.

"We kindly ask that the media respect their wish for privacy regarding this personal matter at this time."

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It has been claimed that the couple's jet-setting careers are to blame.

An insider told Us Weekly magazine: "They made the decision to part ways because their conflicting touring schedules would keep them apart over the next year."

The news comes only a month after the 'Dark Sky Paradise' hitmaker said it was his "goal" to have children with the 21-year-old beauty.

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Discussing their relationship, he said: "It's pretty serious."

And when asked if the pair are planning to wed, he added: "Aw, man. Not right now."

When pressed by the host about the possibility of "a Little Sean someday", he replied: "Eventually, that's the goal."

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Meanwhile, the star previously admitted his close friendship with Ariana meant they were able to talk about anything.

He said: "It was cool to have a girl that I could talk to about my problems. I did that with her. It's not some fake-a**, inauthentic s**t when I say we were friends. This is something special and I appreciate every moment of it."

Selena Gomez's pals 'worried' about Justin Bieber reunion

Selena Gomez's friends are "worried" that she may want to get back with on/off boyfriend Justin Bieber following her split from music producer Zedd.


The 'Heart Wants What It Wants' hitmaker has reportedly split from Zedd after a couple of months of dating and her friends are now concerned she will resume her relationship with the 'Baby' hitmaker.

A source said: "Selena's friends still wonder why she's so caught up in what Justin is doing. They worry that she's falling back into her old bad habit of obsessing over what Justin is doing and saying. It's like she's still invested in the relationship even though it ended months ago.


"Selena checks out everything about the girls Justin's been with. She's like a detective. She tries not to look, but she just can't help herself. It's not healthy and she knows that, but it's something she still does."

Meanwhile, Selena has been seen enjoying a holiday in Mexico with friends following her split from the 25-year-old DJ and has sparked rumours she is romancing music producer Hit-Boy after the pair were seen together.


However, an insider claims they are just friends, telling HollywoodLife.com: "All he knows is that Selena seems happy and enjoying her life at this moment. They're also working too and Selena's very focused on her upcoming album.

"He's not involved with her personal life like that and doesn't want to be."


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