How Aamir saved Amitabh Bachchan

Aamir Khan (AFP)

Aamir is upset with his leaked look from the film Thugs of Hindostan which was shot by the paparazzi. Hence the security at Yash Raj Studios where the film is being canned has been tightened.

Aamir has instructed the security also to keep an eye not just on the people entering the sets, but also on neighbouring buildings that has a view of the studio.

The vanity vans housing the actors are parked a little distance away from the shooting floor where the movie is being filmed and hence there is a chance that anyone can click a picture of the stars’ looks as they walk to the set.

Aamir’s picture too was clicked in a similar manner.

“Recently one member of Aamir’s team noticed a familiar face lurking within the vicinity and Aamir was not in his make-up look. He immediately moved to his co star Amitabh Bachchan who was in his vanity van and to safeguard his look. He movedout only when the area was cleared. Aamir is very media friendly these days and did not want to strip-search the suspect or rob him of his camera,” says a source from the set.

Ever since Aamir’s rugged thuggie look is out, the paparazzi eyes are on Amitabh Bachchan’s look. Bachchan had earlier objected to a photographer shooting his look from one of his forthcoming commercials, but the picture somehow leaked to the media leading Bachchan to get angry because it disturbed the secrecy clause in his agreement.