How Kangana hurt Hansal’s ego

Photo: Sanskriti Media

Hansal Mehta who cast Kangna Ranaut in his film Simran has been chasing her ever since she made her debut in Anurag Basu’s film Gangster. Incidentally her character in Basu’s film was called Simran.

“I remember I had called her over to the office and wanted to cast her in one of my films. I had reminded her as well. I was so confident that she would do it, but she had rejected it,” says Mehta.

Kangana adds, “He was so sure that I will do it. She does not know English. She is a pahadi (from the mountains) and she will do it. Kookie (Gulati) was my manager then. I don’t remember the incident. And when he reminded me I thought he was not speaking the truth. But then he said that his ego was very hurt when I refused the film. But one thing is for sure, whether I remember it or not, I always hurt people’s egos,” she guffaws.

We do not know who all feature in the hurt ego list, but Kangana made her point one more time.

Hansal meanwhile says that he had still been chasing Kangana even later. “But I always wanted to cast Kangana in my films. I have been chasing her since 2014. I had narrated her several subjects and she gave her nod to Simran” says the filmmaker.