Hrithik Roshan runs away from media

Hrithik Roshan walked the ramp recently for friends. Hrithik was all style when it came to the ramp. But the moment the actor got off the ramp, he made a dash towards the exit.

As the media cameras followed the actor, he posed for a second and then moved off quickly before any journalist could pop him a question.

Ostensibly Hrithik has been avoiding the media for a while and ever since Kangana Ranaut made some bold statements about him and Karan Johar also alleging that she feared for her life, the actor has not been wanting to talk to the media or even make any statements.

His wife Susanne has taken up for him on social media, but Hrithik’s lawyers as well as his father have strictly warned him not to make any comment about Kangana or react to her comments.

A select portion of Bollywood is now supporting Kangana and Rakesh, being from the old school, does not want to create any controversy by speaking out about anyone.

In the olden days, even if stars or filmmakers had problems with each other, they hardly spoke about it openly and when journalists found out about those controversies, the people in question would vehemently deny it.

“But in the days of social media, stars and filmmakers have found a way to vent their frustrations or anger using social media as a tool as they are no more scared that their statements would be misinterpreted. But in these days of Twitter journalism, every tweet or post is taken, twisted and displayed by media the way they want to interpret it.

That is why Gudduji (Rakesh Roshan) has told Duggu (Hrithik Roshan) not to react in any way. Karan (Johar) has also ready been tweeting some random messages and the media seems to be enjoying that keeping the nepotism debate alive.

But Kangna’s statements about Duggu are too personal and hence Gudduji does not want Hrithik’s name to be dragged into controversies every time,” says a source from Rakesh Roshan’s camp.  Hrithik’s lawyer too has told the actor earlier to keep his trap shut.

Hence if you see Hrithik Roshan run away from the media these days, you know why.