Is arrogant Salman Khan getting a 'Kick' out of snubbing the media?

Indian Bollywood actor Salman Khan (C) launches the first trailer of his movie 'Kick'. (SANSKRITI MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT)

Snubbing a reporter for asking a question that isn’t “in line” with the protocol of Bollywood’s promotional circus with his snide remarks and audacious dance moves is nothing but a display of this superstar’s blatant disrespect for the media, and his unapologetic highhandedness.

Attitude is one thing, arrogance is another.

It’s shocking why the conceited Salman Khan even invited the media for an event, which he was clearly uninterested in hosting.

Right from ridiculing the show host, with his conceited, “First you keep quiet then I’ll speak.

“You’ve harassed my poor fans by showing the trailer three times!

“If they watch the promos so many times, then who will watch the movie?”

Not before throwing a snide remark at his gathered hysterical fans, who blindly screamed, whistled and applauded their superstar’s nastiness.

It took a visibly embarrassed filmmaker (and Salman’s friend) Sajid Nadiawala to end the odd start to the trailer launch of the action-thriller ‘Kick’.

During the rest of the 20-minutes that Salman was on stage, his swagger was on ample display.

Every question was attempted with his typical cheekiness.

But, every time the question didn’t pamper his bloated ego and deviated from the 1-minute-29-second trailer clip of his movie, Salman scowled, snapped and mocked the media.

And, when he was too lazy to word his displeasure, he broke into inane dance moves.

The drama kicked off when a reporter quizzed him about his reactions to “good friend” Preity Zinta’s decision to take on her ex-boyfriend Ness Wadia over his misbehaviour.

Faced with a question that wasn’t evidently scripted in his promotional agreement, Salman irritably replied with; “You have come to the wrong place”.

When the scribe persisted, he went into repeat mode, not letting the reporter even complete her question.

He chanted the same sentence over and over again, almost like he couldn’t think of a cleverer retort. “You are asking the wrong question,” he mustered later.

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The reaction, which was unbecoming of a star, didn’t upset his fans, who thoughtlessly cheered him on.

Even the handful of celebs who stood beside him smiled, applauded and mimicked what "Salman the star was doing".

Had his celeb pal Karan Johar quizzed him over the same issue on his plush ‘Koffee with Karan’ couch, Salman would’ve gladly indulged him.

For the rest of the Indian media, Salman reserves his condescending retorts.

“If Bill Clinton could fend questions about Monica Lewinsky in the midst of an international summit with Boris Yeltsin in Moscow, surely Sallu Bhai can muster the necessary grace to offer a ‘no comment’ or even a standard celebrity ‘non-answer’ about his friend’s FIR,” wrote the team at the Indian media FirstPost.

“Our notoriously unavailable movie stars rarely answer any questions unless they need the press for a movie or some other career-related cause.”

While others from the fraternity observed a dignified “no comment” response, barring an outspoken Vidya Balan, Salman chose, instead to flaunt his smugness.

This isn’t the first time that Salman has shown his disdain for the Indian media. Earlier, when he was quizzed by Hindi television channel Aaj Tak on his reasons for performing at Saifai, when the state government didn’t offer adequate rehabilitation to the riot-affected victims of Muzzaffarnagar, he was livid.

He lashed out at the reporter saying, “Don’t worry about my moral responsibility. I know very well what my moral responsibilities are.

“I will do what I want. I will dance, throw money in the air, or distribute it among the poor. I’ve paid my taxes, I can do whatever I want to do with the money (he earns from his stage shows).”

He ends the show with, “You have a press card… I’m thinking I’ll also get one made, because then whatever nonsense I say it will get published.”

However, Salman doesn’t always ill-treat the media, he just controls them according to his convenience.

When he wishes to “flash a story” or help a friend pull out a scandalous article from media, he offers his time, responds to the point and answers any question, no matter how controversial it is.

Isn’t it ironic that this actor runs a “charitable foundation” under the brand name ‘Being Human’. Clearly, it’s a classic case of how celebs don’t practice what they preach.