Is Priyanka ditching Shah Rukh Khan for Salman?

Priyanka and Salman's sister Arpita are the new BFF (Best Friends Forever)

Friendship in Bollywood can be a fickle affair and in this industry we never hear of the term 'friends without benefits'.

But looks like Salman Khan's sister Arpita Khan found her new 'best friend forever' in Priyanka Chopra.

The Khan sister is adamant to prove and say it aloud that friends in Bollywood can be 'without benefits'.

The two ladies hit it off at Karan Johar's 40th birthday party, where they formed a mutual admiration society.

Recently Arpita tweeted a picture of her and Priyanka bonding and wrote: "Pple can be friends without benefits!".

Priyanka quickly responded to the tweet: "Ure adorable! What a fun nite tht was...RT @khanarpita Pple can be friends without benefits!".

Well the exchange of messages did not end there, Arpita replied back: "@priyankachopra its always fun with you PC.. Lots of love always!"

Certainly Priyanka needs all the friends she can get right now after her 'persona non grata' status in the industry for quite some time.

She has been shunned away from every party, every do and to top it all the Bollywood wives have banned their respective husbands to work with her.

A rumoured affair with Shah Rukh Khan has been the cause of this anti-Priyanka campaign.

Many might see this friendship with Arpita as a good move by Priyanka to squeeze back in Salman Khan's camp.

Priyanka spoilt her relationship with Salman when she denied working with his brother Sohail Khan. Also her closeness with SRK hit the final nail to their association.

Of late Priyanka has been trying hard to get back to his inner circle. She met Salman at actor Riteish Deshmukh’s birthday party and surprised him with a hug.

The large-hearted hero welcomed the gesture and soon they were spotted talking over the rest of the evening.

Now with Priyanka and Aripta bonding together, big brother Salman's heart can easily be won over.

And even if Priyanka is trying to sweep Salman via his baby sister that's certainly not a ploy Khan will fall for.

Wonder what 'benefits' are they striking now in this new found friendship or are we reading too much into it.

Maybe the two girls for once, just having some fun together.


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