It's about time Katrina Kaif feels secure about Ranbir Kapoor


Circa 2013, there were rumours about Ranbir Kapoor dating Katrina Kaif, but there was no proof if they were in a relationship.

It was also the time when everyone was incessantly talking about Deepika Padukone pairing up with ex-boyfriend Ranbir and their crackling chemistry in 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani'.

It was obvious that 'girlfriend' Katrina didn't enjoy it. Her close associates went around the town telling how committed the Kapoor boy is to Kaif.

Suddenly, a barrage of information about the couple's whereabouts were 'leaked' to the media. And slyly, but deliberately news about their travel plans also hit the newsstands.

Then came the bomb - 'leaked' pictures of their Spain holiday. Media went berserk over Katrina's bikini picture, and her closeness to Ranbir was sealed without doubt.

That was a masterstroke, and till date, it's the most talked about 'love story' in Bollywood.

And frankly, Katrina's affair, first with Salman Khan and then Ranbir, has been the only interesting fact that puts her in the top ranks. What can we say, she makes up for her weak acting talent with some seriously killer dance moves and 'item numbers'.

Well, that was 2013.

Cut to 2015, and Ranbir, with a shaky career graph, was desperate for a hit to stay afloat in the industry.

Queen of box-office Deepika comes back in the scene with 'Tamasha'.

And again, the whole charade of BFFs role was being played by the ex-lovers. It was evident, they were locked in for mission 'promotion Tamasha'.

Media lapped up their show of affection and their friendship headlined every entertainment news.

Did you think Katrina would enjoy it too?

The ever reticent, reclusive Katrina made it to the cover of a magazine and gave a tell-all interview.

Usually, Katrina pays heed to media only when movie promotion is at hand - but then this magazine interview was also well timed.

She spoke about how she did not like Ranbir working repeatedly with Deepika, how she would like to be more close to Ranbir's family and how she fears of being cheated on and her insecurity.

The content was explosive and soon the focus shifted from Deepika to Katrina even before 'Tamasha' was released.

Speculations about a rift between Ranbir and Katrina took centre-stage. She was back in the news - for her affair and not her work.

Ranbir had to act fast and act quickly like he does every time.

It was also time for Katrina to leave for her annual Christmas vacation. But not this time - she had important matter to sort.

B-town's hot pair quashed all news of trouble in paradise by posing together for the first time as a couple during Christmas.

Gleefully, hand-in-hand, the duo attended the annual Kapoor brunch held at Sashi Kapoor's house.

Twitterati was abuzz with the paparazzi pictures and fans rejoiced. What's more, Karisma Kapoor even posted a picture of herself, Katrina and Kareena on Instagram that created equal buzz.

And this occurrence sure does rubbish all those rumours of the couple heading for splitsville.

We wish good for Ranbir and Katrina but we also hope next time the boyfriend embarks on a project with ex-girlfriend Deepika, Katrina keeps her calm.

Katrina has two movies coming up - 'Fitoor' and 'Jagga Jasoos', and for once we would like to talk about her talent, akin to Deepika's exceptional movie graph.

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