Jennifer Aniston pregnant before the wedding?

The actress avoids drinks, sea food and clears her schedule

Ever since Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux started dating they have been dogged by pregnancy rumours.

But this time it could be 'not just a rumour'. The 43 year old 'Friends' actor went to great length to hiding what looked like a fuller figure in an oversized coat.

Jennifer is set to walk down the aisle with fiancé Justin Theroux and the two are busy renovating their $21million Beverly Hills mansion.

When the couple went out furniture shopping Jennifer tried hard to cover something with a bulky several sizes bigger jacket.

What adds to the speculation is the fact that Jennifer has suddenly cleared her work schedule in recent weeks.
Last month, she pulled out of 'Getting Rid Of Matthew', after her production company optioned the film rights to the book by Jane Fallon, the partner of Ricky Gervais.
She has also given up her role in 'Miss You Already', which is filming in London.

Incidentally on her intimate engagement party which was attended by attended by Demi Moore and Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer avoided any kind of drinks and sea food.

They had a margarita bar, but she didn't go near it, opting for water instead. She was also choosy with what she ate, and didn't touch the sushi platter, which is one of her favourite foods.
It is generally recommended that pregnant women avoid eating raw fish.

But the actress's representative says in no uncertain terms that the rumours aren't true.

A UK based website reported that, reacting to stories in the US that Jennifer, 43, is expecting, she says: 'It's crap.'


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