Karan cribs about Katrina

Karan Johar is complaining about a lady. But the actress in question is just plain busy and unable to fit certain schedules into her busy life.

Well, Katrina Kaif has been real busy juggling her film, endorsement and appearance commitments to fulfil Karan Johar’s party plans. When Katrina Kaif did not attend Karan’s recent party, Karan complained that, “she does not have time for my parties.”

Katrina had taken time off to be at Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday party earlier this month and then to be at Farah Khan’s party for Ed Sheeran. She also made it to Arpita Khan and Ayush Sharma’s wedding anniversary party and then was see at IFFI Goa where Karan was also present.

“It is rather a silly complaint. Karan is whining because he wants to see all the big stars attend his parties and it is not possible all the time. Katrina has attended his parties earlier and will do so later as well. Karan has become more of an emotional person now after his two kids have entered his life,” informs a source.

We guess the next Karan party will change his mind about Katrina, hopefully.