Kareena’s Saif needs a hit


Saif Ali Khan has been trying for a long time to get a hit film in Bollywood, but has been failing constantly.

And now after the lukewarm response to the trailer of his film Chef has received at the box office, the actor is worried. Hence the actor now wants changes to his film Chef which has been modified to suit the grammar of Bollywood.

Saif has not asked for the changes not just to the film but also to forthcoming trailers of the film. “Saif wants a big film in his name and every other film that he has done has not done well at the box office. He has worked with some interesting names but they have not managed to get a hit film in recent times,” says a source.

And that is the reason why Saif has asked for changes in the film. “Saif is a big star in the league of the other Khans among others. He could have been one if he had not chosen to work in the wrong movies. So, he wants to make sure that he gets a hit and hence has been extra careful with his selection of movies,” says the source.