Kim Kardashian posts kiss on Twitter for fans


Well what a bliss for Kim Kardashian followers to get a kiss every day. Or maybe not - just one is enough for her 13 million followers on Twitter.

Reality star Kim Kardashian peck a kiss and post the picture on micro blogging website for her followers.

Kim Kardashian is showing off her perfect pout in a series of shots to 'test' a new Twitter photo application. It's working both ways for her- she is making her followers go crazy with those intimate pictures and at the same time promoting the new photo software.

The photograph shows Kim, wearing a pale pink lipstick, blowing a kiss to her 13 million followers.

She also appears to be wearing a pink and white striped shirt, and has her long dark hair pulled up into a ponytail.

The star was testing the photo sharing application Instagram and having some fun moments. She wrote: "Testing testing...testing out the effects," as she posted another picture, this time with her hair down around her face, showing off her pout all the time.  But the red-eye was a little bit on the scary part.

She has been interacting with her followers more and giving details of every hour of her life even when the camera is not on.

Kim painted her nails and wrote: “Painted my nails with "it's all about the glam" by Nicole by Opi”. She definetely loves her followers and herself.

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