KUWTK: Kim Kardashian West wants to be a lawyer

Kim Kardashian West would "truly love" to be an attorney, but is put off by how much studying she would have to do.

The 37-year-old reality star has admitted that if she had the chance, she would love nothing more than to try her hand in the world of law and follow the career path of her later father Robert Kardashian, after her own lawyers told her she would be great at the profession.

Speaking on the 'Today' show on Friday, Kim said: "All of my attorneys at home always joke, like, 'You've gotta just come be in the office.' If I didn't have to go for so much school, I would truly love to be an attorney [and] practice all the time. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm so passionate about it."

This isn't the first time the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star - who has North, five, Saint, two, and Chicago, four months, with her husband Kanye West - has spoken about her legal dreams either, as she once said she would be willing to start out at the bottom as an "intern" and work her way up in the legal profession when her showbiz career slows down.

Kim made the offer after her own attorney, Mike Kump, said he thought she had the "perfect instincts" and "great judgement" needed to be a good lawyer.

In a Snapchat video, Mike said: "Kim, I've been doing this for 35 years and I said you missed your calling. You really should be a lawyer. That's what you need to be.

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"You've got the perfect instincts, you've got great judgment, and you know how to present your position in the most articulate manner and convince people of your point of view. Will you please join my law firm?"

In response, Kim said: "I'll just be an intern. When things slow down, all I want to do is be an intern on like, a really exciting Howard Weitzman/Shawn Holley case."

Her lawyer replied: "You're hired! Immediately."

Kylie Jenner receives 'kidnap threats'

Kylie Jenner decided to take her four-month-old daughter Stormi off social networking sites after she started receiving kidnap threats.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star made the decision to delete all the photographs she's put up on social media of her four-month-old daughter Stormi, whom she has with her boyfriend Travis Scott, recently after she began receiving "horrible insults" and frightening claims about abducting the baby.

A source told The Sun Online: "There have been an increasing number of trolls on social media calling Stormi ugly, and throwing out really horrible insults.

"It's been really upsetting for Kylie, because also some of the comments are direct threats to kidnap her. Some people have commented saying it's all Kylie's fault because she has exposed her by putting her on social media.

"The haters have always been there, but just getting way, way worse these last few weeks - and calling out Kylie for being a bad mom."

The terrifying threats have encouraged the 20-year-old beauty to re-evaluate her security and she's decided to have protection with her "at all times" from now on.

A source explained: "Kylie is terrified - she's stepping up security. She hardly takes Stormi out in public but is now making sure that she's got protection at all times."

Kylie uploaded a photograph on Sunday of her cuddling up to Stormi but she had cropped the image so that no one could see the little one's features.

Fans slammed the businesswoman for "cutting her baby out", to which Kylie hit back: "Yeah i cut my baby out. I'm not sharing photos of my girl right now. (sic)"

This isn't the first time she has opted to restrict what's posted on Instagram.

The young entrepreneur took herself out of the limelight while she was pregnant with Stormi because she wanted to focus on the "next chapter" of her life and, although people were speculating that she was expecting her first child, Kylie didn't confirm the news until she had given birth to the tiny tot and shared a cute montage online.

Prior to having Stormi, Kylie said she'd quit social media altogether when she became a mother, move out to a farm in Malibu and "live life" without her phone.

Kim Kardashian West was 'starstruck' by President Donald Trump

Kim Kardashian West has admitted she was blown away when she arrived at the White House in Washington DC last week to meet with President Donald Trump to discuss executive clemency for Alice Marie Johnson.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star had a meeting with the politician at the White House in Washington DC last week to discuss executive clemency for Alice Marie Johnson - who was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 1997 on money laundering and drug conspiracy charges - and she has admitted she was blown away by the head of state.

Speaking 'CNN Tonight with Don Lemon', she said: "I never get starstruck. I was starstruck over the Oval Office... It really felt powerful, and felt like, you can just feel the history in there... I just took a second to take it all in, and then we talked about it."

The 37-year-old beauty - who voted for Trump's rival Hillary Clinton in the presidential campaign in 2016 - was surprised by how nice and understanding the president was.

She explained: "He said: 'You know, this is a really long time that she's been in here, right? This just isn't fair.' He knew that this is the right thing to do, and he said that from the start after he had heard her whole story and situation and he knew it was the right thing to do... And he wanted to make it happen. And, at the end of the day, he heard me out. We got the job done. I just have to stay focused, and I have to know that if [he] is the only person in the world that could have done this for her, why wouldn't I go talk to that person, if I had the opportunity to? Forget about my fears. Forget about my life.

"That was the right thing to do. I mean, there's over 3,000 people in this same exact situation as Alice... But it doesn't mean that we're going to stop here."

Alice, who was being held at Aliceville Correctional Facility in Alabama, became international news last year when Kim tweeted about her case and hired a lawyer for her.

Kim - who has three children North, four, Saint, two, and Chicago, four months with her husband Kanye West - has spent the past seven months trying to get parole for Alice.

And, after her meeting with Trump last week, the 62-year-old grandmother was released.

Kim explained: "I saw this seven months ago and I have [had] daily phone calls with the White House, maybe a dozen emails a day trying to get letters from the warden.

"I have to get credit to where Alice's whole team had been working on this for years. I mean, I did step in late in the game. So I don't want to take away from [that]."

Khloe Kardashian following low-carb diet

Khloe Kardashian has been following a low-carb diet to help her lose her baby weight after giving birth to her daughter True in April.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star only gave birth to her daughter True, whom she has with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson, just under two months ago but she's already on a mission to shift the extra pounds she gained while carrying the tiny tot so has been put on an intense diet to ensure she's eating the right things.

Taking to her website, the 33-year-old reality TV star said: "I'm currently on a low-carb diet that my nutritionist, Dr. Goglia, gave me. It has lots of protein, so I'm able to go all out at the gym, but the best part is that I'm never hungry because I'm always eating!"

The blonde beauty kicks off her day with one tablespoon of jam and one tablespoon of almond butter before she heads to the gym for her early morning workout.

After working up a sweat with her trainer, Khloe has two eggs, one cup of oatmeal and one cup of berries or other fresh fruit to pump fuel back into her body.

And, if she started to feel peckish by mid-morning, the reality TV star will have a "piece of fruit with a handful of almonds" because she can't "go hungry."

She'll then have her lunch and a late afternoon snack to hold her over until dinner.

She explained: "To hold you over until dinner, grab another handful of almonds with a cup of vegetables, like cherry tomatoes."

Khloe has always taken her training very seriously and found it a real struggle when her doctor banned her from doing any heavy exercise after the birth of True.

Taking to her Snapchat account last month, she said: "Today is the first day that I've been allowed to work out with my trainer. And I'm super excited, I had my first workout and I'm so exhausted but it feels so good to finally sweat again and feel like I'm evolving and doing something for my body and mind."

Khloe Kardashian 'can't believe' she's a mom

Khloe Kardashian "still can't believe" she's a mother and is "so thankful" for the "blessing" that is her daughter True.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star feels so lucky to have her daughter True - who she shares with her partner Tristan Thompson - and is "so thankful" for the "blessing".

She wrote on Twitter: "I sometimes, still can't believe im a mommy!!! I'm so so thankful for such a blessing!! True is the sweetest ever! I got my bestie for life! Thank you Jesus for my angel (sic)"

Since the arrival of True, the 33-year-old television personality has been working on her post-baby body and she previously revealed she is "surprised" about her new-found energy since welcoming her daughter.

She shared: "I think what surprises me most is no matter how tired you are, you find this energy and patience for your child.

"You know that babies are so helpless and they rely on you for everything. So something just takes over and you find the energy to care for this helpless precious baby."

Khloe was recently forced to hit back at her critics, who said she was "focusing too much on her body" following the arrival of her daughter.

She wrote: "The beginning parts of working out kind of suck because you're pushing your body so hard, you're so tired. It's much more difficult than you expect it to be. I've been working out for 11 days now, I feel really good, but tired. My body is sore because it's re-waking itself back up. What I'm annoyed about is I've read a couple of times on Twitter that, ya know, they feel that I'm focusing too much on my body, but the truth is, I've worked out five or six days a week before I got pregnant and that's my sanctuary and something I love to do. I want to start doing that now and get back to my rhythm and in between feedings I want to find time to work out because that's going to be my new normal. Just because I have a baby, doesn't mean I have to stop doing the things that I love, and I love working out and getting my mind right."

Khloe Kardashian is 'more needy' since Tristan Thompson cheated

Khloe Kardashian has become more "needy" with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson since he cheated on her.

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star was left heartbroken last month when video footage of the 27-year-old basketball player with another woman on a night out in New York just weeks before she gave birth to their daughter True.

And, although she's still deciding what to do about their relationship, the 33-year-old beauty is said to be fighting for Tristan's attention because she wants them to work.

A source told PEOPLE.com: "She has good days and bad days with Tristan. They had a very calm relationship before those videos and pictures were released. Now their relationship has changed. And when she is with him, he is on a tight leash. Of course it's hard for Khloe to trust Tristan when he goes out of town for games.

"She knows her family is right when they warned her to not trust him. But she still wants to keep trying to have a great relationship with Tristan again. She thinks it's up to him to prove himself that he can be a great partner and dad. She's definitely more needy and in his face now. This has been causing some conflicts."

And, although she's trying to deal with Tristan's infidelity in private, Khloe took to her Twitter account over the weekend to slam those who are not happy for her.

She wrote: "Misery loves company ...

"People can't stand for someone else to flourish and be happy. Nowadays people thrive off ones downfall rather than their success. Sadly (sic)."

Khloe began dating Tristan in 2016 and the pair were planning to get married but their wedding plans have been put on hold following the cheating scandal.

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