KUWTK: Kylie Jenner taking products on the road

Kylie Jenner is taking her Kylie Skin products on the road.

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The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star will be taking a pop-up truck to various location in California later this month, where fans can get their hands on her new summer body collection.

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She announced on Instagram: "Surprise @kylietruck is hitting the road next weekend, bringing you Kylie Skin!! Join us at The Village at @westfieldtopanga in Canoga Park on July 20, @westfieldcenturycity in Los Angeles on July 21 and @westfieldUTC in La Jolla, San Diego on July 27 to shop the Kylie Skin line + NEW summer body collection. Who's excited?!"

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Kylie's new range includes a coconut body lotion ($24), a coconut body scrub ($26) and an SPF 30 sunscreen oil ($32) and it will launch on July 22, the same day her original Kylie Skin range will be restocked.

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A full collection bundle of all three new products will retail at $80, while a body lotion and scrub package will be $48.

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Kylie launched her new range with a weekend break to Turks and Caicos with some friends - including Sofia Richie, make-up artist Ariel Tejada and her assistant Victoria Villarroel - and her 17-month-old daughter Stormi and even had her own Kylie Skin plane.

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The jet was repainted in Kylie Skin colours and the flight crew had custom uniforms to match the plane and the Kylie Skin pink carpet.

Earlier this year, 21-year-old Kylie was named the would's youngest self-made billionaire but admitted she "didn't expect" her Kylie Cosmetics venture to be so successful.

She said: "I didn't expect anything. I did not foresee the future. But [the recognition] feels really good. That's a nice pat on the back."

Kim Kardashian West Carolina Lemke sunglasses match every outfit

Kim Kardashian West says her new Carolin Lemke glasses match every look and are "perfect for summer" vacations.

The 38-year-old reality TV star collaborated with the German brand to launch an exclusive collection of shades earlier this year, and now the star has released the much-anticipated second drop of the collection, which includes two brand-new designs, and Kim revealed she took them with her on vacation and thought they were "amazing" because they coordinated with all of her outfits.

In a statement, Kim said: "These two shapes are perfect for summer looks, either with a big shield for a major statement or a new '90s-inspired oval for something a little more subtle.

"I actually brought both of these pairs with me on a recent vacation. They were amazing - they went with everything!"

The two designs include an oversized, curvilinear Gemini shield and a '90s-inspired Sand oval frame, which are available in a variety of summer colours and retail for $90 each.

Kim previously revealed her husband Kanye West was heavily involved in the styling of the hundreds of replicas of her own face used in the promotional images of the sunglasses campaign.

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She said: "We wanted to do the whole clones theme. [Kanye] loves helping out with the ad campaigns and stuff, overseeing like the clones and the longer hair. He was so stuck on having long hair only on one side ... and I was like, all right, I haven't seen that before.

"At first we made the mannequins and then we kind of wanted moving images ... so then we also made face masks. As soon as I saw them I said, this is our press box. Like, it just clicked. I was like, this is what it has to be. I've never seen anything like it. I thought it was cute."

And the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star admitted it was "nice" to be given full creative freedom on the collaboration.

Kim told Bustle: "It's nice to have a company that will really listen to your direction, really wants to collaborate, and have me actually design everything from start to finish."

Kim - who has sisters Kourtney, 39, Khloe, 34, Kendall Jenner, 23 and Kylie Jenner, 21 - created her different shades styles, which are named Dusk, Nirvana, Sahara and Tempest, with each of her family in mind.

She continued: "[Dusk is] like my everyday [style]. I can wear that anytime.I made the round ones [Indra] with Kourtney in mind, Kendall with the tiny [Dusk] in mind.

"Khloe, the big visor [Nirvana]. Khloe loves an aviator but we don't have any aviators in the collection, so I would pick a visor [style]. Kylie, I would pick like the sporty [Sahara]. And then for me, I would pick [mirrored Tempest]."

Kim Kardashian West's husband Kanye has taught her to 'never compromise'

Kim Kardashian West says her husband Kanye West has taught her to "never compromise" and "really take ownership" of everything she does.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star is inspired "every single day" by her spouse and he has showed her to "really take ownership" of everything she does.

Speaking in the August issue of Forbes magazine, she said: "He's just taught me as a person to never compromise and to really take ownership. Before, I was really the opposite. I would throw my name on anything. He inspires me every single day and I'm so happy that he is getting the recognition and credit that he deserves."

Kanye gives his wife Kim the "confidence" she needs to follow her dreams and she feels lucky to have a spouse that supports her in all she does.

She said in a promotional clip for her E! reality show, she said: "The fact that he is supporting me in this journey, knowing that for the next 4 years it would take time away from him and our kids, means a lot to me. And, gives me the confidence that I really need. And that, like, extra push of someone around me to be like, 'I know you can do it. You got this!' ... I don't know what to do. How am I gonna have another kid? How am I gonna study? How am I gonna read? How am I gonna do this all? ... I think you could get in control of your schedule.

"You just gotta like, sit back and analyse. Like, what are your distractions? Once you manage your time, you'll be able to manage your time to be able to give attention to me, attention to the kids and attention to law that you're passionate about."

Kim Kardashian West 'painful indentations' on body from Met Gala corset

Kim Kardashian West had "painful indentations" on her body from the corset she wore to the 2019 Met Gala.

The 38-year-old reality star donned a stunning beaded, silicone dress by French couturier Thierry Mugler for the annual fashion extravaganza, but to achieve her extra-cinched waist, Kim wore a custom-made, nude corset - which included Spanx that stopped just above her knees - by the acclaimed French couturier Mister Pearl.

However, the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star revealed that her silhouette came at a price because she had "never felt pain like it", and even had marks on her back and stomach where the corset was laced so tight.

She said: "I have never felt pain like that in my life.

"I'll have to show you pictures of the aftermath when I took it off -- the indentations on my back and my stomach."

And when asked about the controversy surrounding fans speculating whether she had ribs removed to squeeze into the corset, she simply replied: "I don't even know if that's possible."

Kim - who previously admitted she's had breathing lessons by Mister Pearl in preparation for the prestigious event - insisted that her own shapewear line, which is yet to be renamed following the backlash from fans after it was called Kimono, will be less painful than the corset she donned in May, and concentrates on "smoothing" and being like a "second skin".

She told The Wall Street Journal: "The feeling when I had to wear that corset, (the shapewear) is not that.

"It's the second skin that makes me feel comfortable and cozy and all smoothed."

The striking brunette previously revealed that it took three assistants to strap her into the bodysuit, but admitted the whole looks was "worth it all".

She wrote on Instagram: "We met up in Miami right after the holidays last year and saw the sketches! I learned so much about couture from this genius man, it was beyond couture, it was art! 7 months in the making and fittings in Montreal, Paris and LA. Corset breathing lessons from none other than Mr. Pearl. It was worth it all!!!"

Kim Kardashian West had innocent intentions with shapewear name

Kim Kardashian West had "innocent intentions" with naming her shapewear line Kimono and she has "such respect" for Japan.

The 38-year-old beauty announced last week she'd be rebranding her upcoming line following allegations of cultural appropriation after she called it after the traditional Japanese garment, but she has insisted she didn't mean to offend anyone and she has a lot of "respect" for the Far Eastern country.

She said: "You would think we would have obviously thought it through a little bit deeper.

"I'm the first person to say, 'OK, of course, I can't believe we didn't think of this.' I obviously had really innocent intentions. But, let's listen. And I want to really listen. And I want to really take it all in...

"[Kanye] was in Japan when all of this was happening. It's a place that we love and go to. I have such respect."

And though there are other products trademarked in the US with the word kimono, Kim - whose shapewear collection will include bras, waist trainers, thongs, thermal leggings and more - is aware that her famous name means she is held to a "higher standard".

She said: "There might be more eyes on me and my brand.

"And so I have to tune it out and really learn and really grow and have to realise that maybe there is a different standard. Do I feel held to a higher standard? I'll take responsibility for that and do the right thing."

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star - who has North, six, Saint, three, Chicago, 18 months, and Psalm, seven weeks, with husband Kanye West - has yet to settle for a new name for the range.

She told WSJ magazine: "We're figuring it all out now."

Kim was keen to move into shapewear because "everyone needs this".

She added: "Underwear, bras -- this is what people wear every day."

Khloe Kardashian says quality time with daughter is more important than weight loss

Khloe Kardashian says bonding with your baby is more important than getting back into shape.

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The 'Revenge Body' star opened up to fans on social media when her fitness reality show returned on Sunday night for its third series, and she responded to a teenage follower asking how she should start to try and lose her "baby fat".

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Khloe tweeted: "There's no right or wrong time to start. Enjoying your baby comes first! Start small. Even just two days a week. Then increase to three days etc"

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Her advice comes as Khloe, 35, admitted she has tried to focus on being "immersed in motherhood" instead of worrying over her post-pregnancy weight.

The reality star's mother Kris Jenner played the host for the episode, and she asked her daughter: "You spent so many years getting into the best shape of your life, and then you got pregnant. How did that feel?"

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The 35-year-old reality star admitted: "I was 203 lbs. when I delivered, which blows my mind."

"You think you're going to have a baby and all of it's going to come out, and then you leave the hospital and you're like, 'What is going on? Why do I still have all of this weight?'

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"My focus is True and just really immersing myself in motherhood."

"But I completely relate to the daunting thought of, 'Gosh, now I have to go work out and where do I start?' "

Photo: Bang

The blonde beauty - who has True with ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson - has learned to accept the way she looked as she was working on shedding her baby weight, and she previously said she was "proud" of the way she managed not to be so "hard" on herself.

She explained: "I was really proud of myself for not being as hard on myself. On Kylie's 21st birthday I was in a crop top and high-waisted pants. I wasn't at my thinnest at all, but I was so proud for getting to where I was at that time. I was like, 'I'm going to show this off!' "

Billionaire Kylie Jenner shows off her luxurious collection of cars

Kylie Jenner posted on Friday with her massive luxury car collection.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star has splashed out on the luxury vehicle, which commands a whopping price of nearly half a million.

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Tyga shuts down interviewer over Kylie Jenner question

Rapper Tyga quickly asked to change the subject when he was quizzed about his past relationship with Kylie Jenner on live TV on Friday morning.

The 'Rack City' rapper appeared on 'Good Morning Britain' on Friday ahead of his performance at Wireless Festival in London, and when talk turned to his three-year romance with the 22-year-old billionaire beauty mogul, the 29-year-old star admitted he'd rather not talk "too much" about his ex.

When asked by co-host Kate Garraway: "What was it like dating someone in the public eye when you already have such a big career?", he replied: "It's just dating.

"You date, you move on, you date again, you move on.

"It's just a part of life, it's part of evolving. It's just learning.

"There's no preparation. You have to learn from mistakes and you grow better."

He was then quizzed by Adil Ray on whether he had "any regrets" about appearing on Kylie's family show 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians', to which he replied: "'Nah. I don't want to talk too much about it. "Do you know what I'm saying?"

Tyga - who has six-year-old son King Cairo with Kylie's half-brother Robert Kardashian's ex- fiancée Blac Chyna - was reportedly the reason Kylie did a paternity test to determine the father of her daughter Stormi Webster - who was born in February last year - after he had allegedly been suggesting that the tot belongs to him throughout the reality TV star's pregnancy and shortly after the birth.

In a bid to put the rumours to rest once and for all, the brunette beauty agreed to have the DNA test done - under the condition that Tyga never spoke of it again.

A source at the time: "Tyga has been demanding a paternity test throughout Kylie's pregnancy but she wouldn't hear of it.

"She still cares for Tyga but this isn't something she ever wanted to agree to.

"Kylie begged him to back off because she didn't need the embarrassment.

"The last thing Kylie wanted was everyone to think she might be hooking up with two men during the time she conceived. She didn't want her millions of fans questioning who the father is. It's hard enough being a young, unmarried, pregnant mother without adding the notion, 'Who is the father?'"

Kylie found out the result of the test, which proved baby Stormi belongs to her current boyfriend Travis Scott a month after her birth.

Pics: Bang and Instagram

However, she was said to be fuming with Tyga, as he took to his social networking sites just days later to address rumours that he's Stormi's dad - despite the former couple having the agreement that it'll never be spoken about.

He said at the time: "I've never said anything about someone else's child or family insinuating my involvement; and will never do so. Please, Stop spreading false stories and attacking people's families. I have nothing to do with any of that. People should be able to live in peace. (sic)."

Kylie Jenner buys $450k Rolls-Royce

Kylie Jenner has bought a $450,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star has splashed out on the luxury vehicle, which commands a whopping price of nearly half a million.

Showing off her new Rolls-Royce Phantom on her Instagram story, she wrote: "My new baby home safe."

And Kylie's not shy about splashing the cash as she previously brought her boyfriend Travis Scott a Lamborghini for his birthday.

Sharing a video of the luxury silver sports car, which she even decorated with a giant red bow, on social media, Travis captioned it: "Wifey u go in every time."

And that wasn't all as the 21-year-old make-up mogul also sent her boyfriend a giant pair of sneakers made from flowers, decorated their home with lots of balloons and even presented the 'Sicko Mode' hitmaker with a pile of gifts wrapped in personalised wrapping paper featuring their daughter Stormi's face.

Sharing photos of the balloons and wrapped gifts, Travis captioned his Instagram post: "Going Ham all day blessed to see another year wit family and friends. Love everyone that help me in my life. Thank u God (sic)"

Meanwhile, Kylie previously insisted she is grateful for her "huge platform".

She said: "I can't say I've done it by myself. If they're just talking finances, technically, yes, I don't have any inherited money. But I have had a lot of help and a huge platform. I didn't expect anything. I did not foresee the future. But [the recognition] feels really good. That's a nice pat on the back ... It's the power of social media. I had such a strong reach before I was able to start anything."

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Tristan Thompson wants Khloe Kardashian back

Tristan Thompson reportedly wants Khloe Kardashian back, after he kissed Jordyn Woods at a party in February.

The 28-year-old basketball player was dumped by the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star - with whom he has 14-month-old daughter True - earlier this year after he locked lips with her family friend Jordyn Woods at a party in February.

But now, Khloe has reportedly been left "totally confused" as Tristan is said to be "begging her" to take him back.

A source told The Sun Online: "Khloé is totally confused - Tristan has been begging her to get back together, and he posted that long gushing birthday message to her too.

"He's been asking her to sit down with him properly, have a heart to heart - but she's refusing.

"She wants to keep things civil for True's sake, but she doesn't want to risk falling for him again and getting her heart broken all over again.

"He's really keen to show her he's changed, though - he's even buying a big 'family' house near Khloé's LA home so he can have True to stay more often, and saying he'd do anything to put things right. Khloé's torn."

Last week, Khloe celebrated her 35th birthday and received a tribute on Instagram from Tristan, in which he described her as "the most beautiful human" he's ever met.

He wrote: "Happy birthday @khloekardashian You are the most beautiful human I have ever met inside and out. Thank you for being an amazing mommy to our princess True. She is blessed to have someone like you to look up to. I wish you nothing but more success and sending you positive blessing your way. Enjoy your day Koko (sic)"

And there's a chance a reunion could happen, as the 'Revenge Body' star recently said she isn't dating yet.

She said: "I'm not dating right now. But I'm enjoying [life]. I love life. I'm just really enjoying my life and my time with my baby and family."