Lady Gaga thinks people hope she fails

Lady Gaga arrives for a taping of the "Late Show with David Letterman" in New York. (AP)

Lady Gaga thinks people want her to fail.

The 25-year-old singer - who was named the most influential celebrity in the world earlier this month - believes her critics want to tear her down and "knife" her when she released her single 'Born This Way' earlier this year.

She said: "People want you to fail. People want to tear me down, they were going to knife me anyway. The good news is that when they look back they'll all remember how brave I was, 'She put out a record about being yourself and we crucified her for it, but she soared on and sat at number one for six weeks and told everyone to f**k off!'"

After being bullied throughout her teen years, the 'Judas' hitmaker revealed she is keen to make "nerds" feel like "winners".

Gaga added in an interview with Britain's Time Out magazine: "If you were a cool kid at school, that doesn't mean you're not welcome. I'm not trying to further divisiveness.

"Those people who feel bullied or like nerds, I'm trying to make them feel like winners, but I'm not trying to make them hate all of the cool kids more. It's all about closing the gap and bringing people closer together. And that's what the pop end of my music is all about."

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