Lara Dutta set to bounce back on screen

The actress shares her plans for balancing work with the duties of a new mom

Recently, Lara Dutta released a DVD on prenatal yoga. Now, yoga is not new to Lara who has been practicing it for nearly 12 years now and also has a few exercise DVDs to her name.

Married to tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi, Lara realized the value of prenatal yoga during her own pregnancy.

“Earlier, women restricted their movements during pregnancy, but now this has changed. Women have become health conscious and know the value of exercise. Mahesh and I understood the importance of keeping
fit while pregnant. Prenatal exercises are, in fact, more valuable than postnatal ones. If a woman exercises during her pregnancy, she will find weight issues easier to deal with later. So, I decided to be
a part of this DVD to make women understand the essentials of keeping fit during pregnancy.”

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In spite of practicing prenatal yoga herself, Lara had her baby through a caesarean section. “I had a C-section because of the way my daughter Saira was placed,” Lara clarifies adding that she bounced back to normalcy quite quickly, probably thanks to her exercise routine.

When not launching DVDs, Lara is enjoying motherhood and discovering what it means to be a mother. “The love for your child becomes so absolute that the reality of who you are becomes very clear to you
because this is completely reflected in your child. This unrestricted love, which you experience, makes you extremely susceptible. It also makes you conscious of the world and everything in it,” says Lara,
waxing philosophical.

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The birth of her daughter Saira has also cemented her relationship with husband Mahesh. “After Saira was born, our relationship extended to another level. Our bonding has definitely strengthened. Both Mahesh
and I love Saira and are always trying to do our best for her in whatever manner possible. She is totally using and abusing me and I am very happy about it. She is a superb and beautiful little girl. She is
a delight to be around and I am thoroughly enjoying being with her,” Lara reveals.

We wonder if all the attention she is lavishing on four-month-old Saira makes Mahesh a tad jealous. She laughs at the suggestion and confides, “In fact, I have to wait for Saira to be out of his protective arms. He is very fond of Saira. Whenever he is around, she has to be with him. Now that he is away, I can get all the time I want with Saira.”

Wonderful as her time with Saira is, Lara is already looking forward to work. “I am in the process of signing a film. The film will probably go on the floors sometime in August. With regard to a film from my production house, we are still in the initial stage of finalizing the script. Once that is completed, I shall make an announcement,” she says.

Wouldn’t work take away her time with Saira? “Not at all,” says a determined Lara, “I am not going to work around the clock and all my commitments will be planned very carefully. The time reserved for Saira will be all hers. I am going to make an equal distribution between her time and my professional hours. It is just time management between work and home.”

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