Leaked picture of Hrithik hugging Kangana reveals his lie?

Both Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut have registered cases against each other and the file is in the court.

As Bollywood actors Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut's messy battle with ugly disclosures continue with no end in sight, an intimate picture of the actors hugging each other has gone viral.

According to reports, this image of Hrithik cuddling Kangana, who appears a tad bit uncomfortable, is from a party that took place at actor Arjum Rampal's house before they started working on 'Krrish 3'.

There were others from the film industry who attended the party. Many more images have now been released by Hrithik's team to prove the point that the actor and Kangana were not alone.

Hrithik has time and again vehemently denied being involved in a romantic relationship with Kangana, but this picture that has surfaced online is doing little to support his claim.

It proves that the 'love story' was not a figment of her imagination, as claimed by Hrithik.

After Kangana's mails to Hrithik were leaked to media, this was bound to happen.

This picture, speaks volume and it is alleged that Hrithik is lying about their past. He had claimed that he didn't know her socially but the picture proves otherwise. And it is likely that more such pictures of the actors will come out if the issue between them is not resolved.

Known to be straight-forward, unabashedly fearless and a fighter, Kangana would have never taken it lying down when Hrithik filed a case against her.

She decided to fight back to prove her rumoured former beau wrong.

For the past few days Indian media has plastered across alleged personal e-mails that Kangana reportedly has sent to her 'ex' Hrithik.

It is likly that the e-mails have been intentionally leaked to put forward a one-sided affair.

Certain sections of Indian media have also taken sides and handled the Hrithik-Kangana drama rather unethically.

Some questioned Kangana's intentions and few went on to defend Hrithik saying that the leaked picture where he is hugging the actress is doctored.

Both actors have registered cases against each other and it is still pending in court.