Lindsay Lohan texts Michael: 'Daddy, I'm pregnant'

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael Lohan has appeared to confirm she is pregnant by admitting his daughter sent him a text message saying she is expecting.

Michael Lohan has revealed his daughter sent him the text to inform him she is expecting her first child, appearing to confirm the news.

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She told New York Post's Page Six: "She texted it to me and told me ... 'Daddy, I'm pregnant.' "

When asked how far gone she is, he replied: "I don't know."

Michael insisted he believed his daughter after she told him she is expecting.

He told Us Weekly magazine: "She's saying she is, so I believe her. She told me that she was."

Lindsay recently sparked rumours she's pregnant after sharing a photo of herself with a fake baby bump from her 2009 film 'Labour Pains', and accompanied it with the caption: "I am pregnant."

When pushed on the truth behind her pregnancy, Michael recently said: "All I know is what she said. Things happen. I don't know what their relationship is like. Relationships take twists and turns, what are you going to do?"

Lindsay has reportedly called off her engagement with fiance Egor Tarabasov after claiming he cheated on her and was physically abusive.

He is also said to have moved out of her London apartment.

A source said: "They are taking a break, she didn't want him trespassing in her apartment, but he went in and took all his possessions."

Lindsay publicly accused Dasha Pashevkina of having an affair with Egor, and the fashion designer has since been bombarded with hate mail and threats.

Dasha said: "I felt very violated after she publicly accused me of something which is a complete lie and displayed my private information for the whole world to see.

"I'm still receiving hate mail, threats and phone calls from her crazy fans. I actually had to move, as I was scared to stay at my place."