Miley Cyrus donates $500k to Hurricane Harvey relief fund

Miley Cyrus (Bang)

It was revealed on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Wednesday that Miley Cyrus has donated $500,000 to the Hurricane Harvey relief fund.

The 24-year-old pop star appeared on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Wednesday and her interview quickly became an emotional affair after host Ellen began the chat by talking about Miley's Happy Hippie Foundation - a non-profit charity - after learning backstage that the 'Malibu' singer had given the huge sum of cash to help people affected by the natural disaster in Houston, Texas.

Ellen, 59, told the young musician: "You're amazing."

A visibly emotional Miley then responded by saying: "Thank you, don't make me cry. I can't really talk about it [because] it just makes me really upset."

Explaining her motivation for wanting to help the victims of the flood caused by the extreme weather, Miley added: "I can't fake it. You know, my grandma's sitting here [and] my mom's here - and I go home to my seven dogs - and if I didn't have that anymore it'd just be really hard. I hope people understand that I can put myself in those people's shoes and just know what it feels like to have everything taken away from you."

Since the storm - which began as a Category 4 hurricane - hit the US region last week at least 22 people have lost their lives and thousands of people have been driven out of their homes by flooding and need assistance and support.

Ellen took to her Twitter account after Miley's appearance to praise her pal for her altruistic actions.

She tweeted: "I love that my friend @MileyCyrus stepped up for the people of #Texas and is donating half a million dollars. (sic)"

Miley is not the only celebrity to dig deep into their pockets and donate their own money to help the victims.

Leonardo DiCaprio has donated $1 million to the relief fund, as has Sandra Bullock, who owns a home in Austin, Texas.

Beyoncé has also pledged to help those in need in her hometown of Houston and is said to have made a "significant donation".