Most valuable body parts in Hollywood


Ugly Betty actress America Ferrara and the star's partner AquaFresh having insured them for US$10 million in 2007.

Julia Roberts teeth are allegedly insured to the tune of $30 million.


J Lo secured a huge insurance policy - between $27 million and $300 million

Kylie Minogue's glutes? $5 million.


Mariah Carey reportedly took out $1 billion policy when she was the face of Gillette.

David Beckham once insured his for $70 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a $144 million policy for his legs.


Dolly Parton's breasts - insured for US$600,000.

Holly Madison insured hers for $1 million in 2011

Madonna protected hers for $2 million.

Pics: Getty Images

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